Parents and Family Orientation 2016


Congratulations on your student’s acceptance to Juilliard!

In order to assist new students in the next step of their educational journey, Juilliard has implemented a comprehensive Orientation program for new students at all academic levels. Our goals for New Student Orientation are threefold:

  • inform the new students about Juilliard and all of its programs, opportunities, and resources;
  • assist them in their adjustment to college life; and
  • introduce New York City life through information sessions and sightseeing activities.

Recognizing the importance of building a smooth and informative transition for our new students and their families, the Office of Student Affairs offers a parallel Parents and Family Orientation. This program aims to provide resources and helpful information so families can build a partnership with Juilliard to better support our students. The Parents and Family Orientation includes information sessions about the different services offered for students and a reception with President Polisi, Provost and Dean Guzelimian, and other administrators.

“My experience with the New Parent Orientation at Juilliard was very informative. Being a new parent of a college student was a bit stressful, however, after attending the orientation, I felt great relief learning about the support system, the amazing faculty and the daily life on campus. My favorite session was during the student panel where they interacted with new parents and provided helpful tips on things that parents should NOT DO during the students' first year of college. When it was time to say our goodbyes, I knew in my heart that that my daughter would be in good hands at Juilliard.”

~ Mary Palomo

Parents and Family Orientation will take place on Sunday, August 28, 2016 and Monday, August 29, 2016. If you plan on attending, please review the schedule below and fill out the Parents and Family Orientation 2016 RSVP Form. Click anywhere on the schedule to open up a one-page printable version of this schedule.

Parent Communications

If you ever lose the emails sent to you, we will post them here for your reference. If your student has given you permission to receive emails from Juilliard and you've checked your Clutter and Spam folders and still think you have not received these emails, please email us at osa@juilliard.edu. If you are not receiving these emails and you would like to receive information directly, please have your student email osa@juilliard.edu with your name and email and we will add you to our distribution list.

Welcome from the Dean of Student Affairs

Parent Connections #1

Parent Connections #2

Parent Connections #3

"Orientation day at Juilliard was a refreshingly fun experience for my daughter, Michelle, and me. It was well organized and staffed by adults and students who were friendly and welcoming. A great start to the Juilliard experience!"

- Jonathan Geffner



Juillliard Online New Family Orientation (JONFO)

Parents and guardians will also have the option of participating in Juilliard Online Family Orientation (JONFO). This optional online program is intended to provide information so that families can share in their student’s experience, learn about the resources available to their student, and supplement the Parents and Family Orientation.

Click here to access JONFO 2016!


Orientation 2015 Video!

Check out our Orientation 2015 video to see what's in store for you at Orientation 2016!

Orientation 2015 Video!

Check out our Orientation 2015 video to see what's in store for you at Orientation 2016!