Center for Innovation in the Arts

Center for Innovation in the Arts

Now called the Center for Innovation in the Arts, the Music Technology Center at Juilliard was created in 1993 to provide students with the opportunity to use digital technology in the creation and performance of new music. Since then the program has expanded to include a wide offering of classes in music production, film scoring and performance technology available to students in the Music, Drama, and Dance Divisions.

In 2001 the Center launched Beyond the Machine; A Festival of Electro-Acoustic and Interdisciplinary Art. Beyond the Machine is a 21st-century performance environment that nurtures young artists who are interested in collaboration and exploring new ways of creating and performing.

With the inauguration of the Rosemary and Meredith Willson Theater in 2009 the Music Technology Center moved to a new, state-of-the-art facility that includes a mix-and-record suite and a digital playroom. The Willson Theater was designed with Music Technology Center events in mind and features interactive audio, lighting, and computer systems.

In 2012 the Music Technology Center was renamed the Center for Innovation in the Arts to reflect the growing opportunities for students in all three divisions to collaborate on innovative projects. Together with the Willson Theater, the Center for Innovation in the Arts is the home for interdisciplinary (InterArts) and technology-driven activities at Juilliard.


Edward Bilous, Director
William Fastenow, Director of Technology, Faculty
Greg Kalember, Record & Mix Engineer, Faculty
Mari Kimura, Faculty
Milica Paranosic, Faculty