Graduate Resident String Quartet Program


The Verona Quartet is the current graduate string quartet in residence.

Essential to the artistic growth of a pre-professional quartet is the study of style and repertoire with members of a more seasoned ensemble. The Juilliard Graduate Resident String Quartet program provides that opportunity. This graduate-level program brings a qualified string quartet to be in residence at Juilliard and work with the Juilliard String Quartet. Members of the Juilliard String Quartet, which was established in 1946, have been the premier coaches for student string quartets at Juilliard for more than 50 years. The Juilliard String Quartet now consists of violinists Joseph Lin and Ronald Copes, violist Roger Tapping, and cellist Joel Krosnick.

The members of the Juilliard Graduate Resident String Quartet, named Lisa Arnhold Fellows, are admitted to the School's Artist Diploma program, receive stipends and free tuition, coach regularly with the Juilliard String Quartet, participate in the annual Juilliard String Quartet Seminar, and perform an annual New York recital in Alice Tully Hall. As teaching assistants to the Juilliard String Quartet, the resident quartet coaches other student ensembles and assists in the freshman-year String Quartet Survey class. The quartet has exclusive use of a rehearsal studio and full access to all other Juilliard facilities. While this is a two-year residency, quartets must be invited to return for the second year.

While at Juilliard, the resident quartet is encouraged and expected to pursue its own performing schedule. The quartets that have participated in this program, established in 1986, are the Afiara, Aeolus, Attacca, Avalon, Biava, Calder, Cassatt, Chiara, Colorado, Corigliano, Essex, Lark, Maia, Magellan, Mirò, Shanghai, St. Lawrence, and Verona (the current quartet-in-residence, pictured above) Quartets.

Please note that we are not accepting applications for the Juilliard Graduate Resident String Quartet program for fall 2016. However, if you would like to apply for the 2017 - 2018 academic year, applications will be available September 2017.

General Application Procedures:

  • Applicants will complete and submit an application, and upload the required pre-screening recordings (audio only), through our online portal.
  • Pre-screening recordings should include three complete works, one each from the Classical, Romantic, and contemporary periods.
  • Applications and pre-screening recordings will be reviewed by the Juilliard String Quartet; selected quartets will be invited to audition in person. Notification of pre-screening results is done by email, approximately three to four weeks in advance of the audition date.
  • Auditions are typically held at The Juilliard School during the spring semester. Quartets should not make any travel or lodging arrangements until they receive their pre-screening results. Juilliard is not able to provide funds for lodging and/or travel for auditioning quartets.
  • The audition repertoire will consist again of three complete works, one each from the Classical, Romantic, and contemporary periods. It is not necessary that the repertoire prepared for the live audition be identical to the pre-screening materials. However, both the pre-screening and the live audition repertoire must meet the requirements above.
  • Quartets are typically notified of their admission results within one month of auditions.

If you have any questions about the program, contact:

Music Admissions
The Juilliard School
60 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, New York 10023
(212) 799-5000, ext. 223