Scholastic Distinction and Academic Project


Scholastic Distinction

An undergraduate independent study honors program, the Scholastic Distinction program at Juilliard is an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate students to expand their scholarly activity by engaging in a yearlong research project culminating in a substantial document. Each year, up to 10 extraordinarily talented Music, Dance, and Drama bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible for the program, which leads to the citation "With Scholastic Distinction" on the transcripts and diplomas of those who successfully complete it.

A scholarly document exhibiting serious research and thought on any subject having to do with the arts will be the primary product of this independent study. A performance or lecture may also result from the research. A faculty advisor is appointed to supervise the student in the project. Members of the Scholastic Distinction Committee will read and evaluate all papers submitted. Such topics as interdisciplinary activity, new media, arts in education, history, social sciences, and literature are possible areas of focus. The chosen topic should be supplementary to the student’s major at Juilliard, and not duplicate any degree requirement. Participation in the program may replace the elective liberal arts or music history requirements in the final year. The dean will send a letter to all qualified students in November, inviting those interested to respond.

Academic Project

The Academic Project is an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate students to expand their experience at Juilliard by engaging in a semester-long research project. While the work will be overseen by members of the Scholastic Distinction Committee, the student will work closely throughout the semester with an advisor and a second reader, documenting his/her conclusions with a written paper. Eligibility to apply is based upon the student’s academic record. Students who successfully complete the program will see their work noted on their transcript as an “Academic Project” and the awarding of three elective credits. This credit does not replace any existing requirements for the student’s program of study. The Academic Project is also a vehicle for students to receive credit for approved off-campus internships.