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Juilliard Global connects the expertise and excellence of The Juilliard School with international partners to transform performing arts education in selected locations around the world.

Launched in 2011, the Juilliard Global initiative offers to international markets the School’s expertise and access to its large network of professionals. International markets of interest to Juilliard are those that value performing arts education, have clear educational needs, and have robust governmental and private leadership. The activities of Juilliard Global could range from annual festivals to a full-fledged institute operated by Juilliard.

Relationships across international borders are already a key element of Juilliard’s day-to-day activities and educational philosophy. International students from more than 40 countries make up approximately 30 percent of our student population. Our renowned faculty and alumni contribute immensely to cultural affairs around the world through performances and teaching at grass-roots and high-profile levels. Juilliard has also educated a generation of teaching-artists who brings arts education to underserved areas throughout the world.

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