Alumni Q&A

Alumni Q&A

K. Leander Williams

Jonathan Batiste plays a transplanted musician not unlike himself in "Treme," the hit HBO series about New Orleans...more

ToniMarie Marchioni

Juilliard alum Philip Glass is one of the most high-profile classical music composers working today.more

ToniMarie Marchioni

While Juilliard alum John Heginbotham teaches a variety of students, he finds his work with Parkinson's patients most...more

ToniMarie Marchioni

Jourdan Urbach

Susan Jackson

For Pre-College alumnus Jourdan Urbach, the intersection of medicine and music was the ability to help other people...more

Amelia Pedlow

Anthony Mackie opened in Martin McDonagh’s new Broadway play, "A Behanding in Spokane," on March 4, and three...more

Benjamin Laude

Born deaf and mute (he had corrective surgery when he was 3), Jeffrey Biegel defies the conventional mold...more
Cody Green

Emily Regas

Cody Green (’01, dance), who currently plays Riff in the Arthur Laurents revival of "West Side Story," is...more