Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Michelle Ross

Michelle Ross

Eager to connect while recording her first album, Juilliard violin alum Michelle Ross did Bach pop-up concerts all...more

Donald Krishnaswami

Juilliard alum Don Krishnaswami had a strange request: could he compose a piece for prehistoric instruments? more
David Salsbery Fry

Jason Vest

For years, Juilliard singer David Salsbery Fry harbored a secret that permeated every aspect of his life. He...more
Army Jeep

Susan Jackson

Tales of Juilliard alums who've joined the military.more
New York Baroque Incorporated

Joshua Simka

Juilliard alumna Wen Yang’s New Baroque Incorporated (NYBI) has quickly established a presence on the early-music circuit.more
Anthony Mackie

Stacey Alcorn

Juilliard drama alum Anthony Mackie’s three secrets to reaching for and achieving big dreams.more
Tito Munoz
Juilliard Music Advancement Program alum Tito Muñoz is the music director of the Phoenix Symphony.more
Marilynn Kregal and Sascha

Stephanie Gatton

After the 9/11 attacks, Juilliard violin alum Marilynn Kregal started training therapy dogs, particularly for post-traumatic stress victims.more
Alex Sharp

Susan Jackson

Alex Sharp is truly living the Juilliard dream he got a starring role on Broadway before graduating.more
Louis Kaufman

Harumi Furuya

Juilliard alum Louis Kaufman played the violin solos on many Hollywood classics and reintroduced Vivaldi to modern audiences.more
Dane Johansen

Yassmeen Abdulhamid

Walking the Camino de Santiago, with cello and J.S. Bach in tow.more
Viviana Guzmán, Barbara Siesel, and Andrea Fisher

Jessica Epps

Alums advise: Use your art to spark an idea, dream big, and turn the impossible into magic.more
Nat Chaitkin

Susan Jackson

Cellist Nat Chaitkin started Bach and Boombox to connect people to classical music without their being intimidated.more
Evan Rogister

Edward Sien

Evan Rogister is fascinated by the balance between projecting honest emotions without allowing that emotion to compromise technique.more
Alumna Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull.

Margaret Davis

Multiple Juilliard program alum Nathalie Joachim of the duo Flutronix has joined the MAP faculty. more
Eric Whitacre

Evan Fein

Composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is undoubtedly one of the most successful and prominent figures in classical music...more
Orlando Pabotoy

Molly Yeh

Alum Orlando Pabotoy returns to Juilliard to direct Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle—and reflect on how acting can help...more
Michael Klotz

Marcus Ryan Pyle

Violin and viola alum Michael Klotz is what many Juilliard students aspire to be: a working musician. more
Elliot Levioff

Doug Bierend

After 40 years as an educator and conductor, alum Elliot Levioff formed the Seniors Orchestral Society of New York.more
Danielle Brooks

Yassmeen Abdulhamid

Danielle Brooks is a fan of the misfit, making the role of Taystee in Netfix’s "Orange Is the...more

Molly Yeh

Percussion ensemble LineC3’s mission: “to play with an uncompromising standard of performance and a rigorous emphasis on fun.”more
Austin McCormick

Susan Jackson

Austin McCormick is ready for the next chapter for his Baroque-based, modern-infused, burlesque-tinged, hurricane-damaged dance company’s home. more
The Borther Baliett

Molly Yeh

Identical twins Brad and Doug Balliett have more in common than genes and their trademark round thick-rimmed eyeglasses...more