Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Benjamin Laude

Oncley (’37, voice) may be the only human ever to sing the title role in Mendelssohn’s "Elijiah" from...more
Richard Kogan

Melissa Odens

Dr. Richard Kogan has unique advantage when speaking of the relationship between music and the mind. more
Harold Hagopian

Conrad Winslow

No one could have predicted Harold Hagopian’s career path. more

Kathryn Carissimi

Prior to WWII service, Jerome Wigler followed a fairly normal course for a career musician. After a fruitless...more
Abby Gerdts

Mahira Kakkar

"When I look back at my life I want to be able to say, ‘I think I was...more

Mahira Kakkar

To capture the essence of a person is a difficult thing. What is arresting about Eunice Wong (Drama,...more

Heike Currie

One of George Quincy’s boyhood pastimes was to stretch out in a bed of grass and lose himself...more

Mahira Kakkar

Julia Cho is a complex writer—in the best way possible.more
Erica VonKleist

Heike Currie

At its best, music is serious fun too, and Erica vonKleist excels at using her craft to impart...more

Emily Regas

A chance encounter with the touring Merce Cunningham and John Cage in Denver completely altered the course of...more
Scott Steidl

Jane Rubinsky

Steidl's dual careers (he's an eye surgeon who happens to be a Juilliard-trained composer) are unusual, but not...more