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If you could replace the Juilliard cafeteria with one N.Y.C. restaurant, which would you choose?


I have two. First would be Nanoosh, the other would be Thai Basil.
Garth Johnson, second-year dancer


Can I do a combo of Vinegar Hill House and E. Sushi on 55th?
Maria Im, fourth-year violinist

I would say the Union Square farmers’ market.
Jenna Pollack, second-year dancer

My kitchen, because I make awesome English muffin pizzas in the toaster.
Cory Lee, fourth-year violinist

Harry’s Burritos—it has $3.50 margaritas and a perfect time for happy hour.
Sarah Hunt, first-year actress

There are so many to choose from ... Pure Food and Wine, let’s go with that because everything’s delicious and raw and they have a beautiful garden.
Clint Allen, third-year actor

Shake Shack because their Shack Stack is the most delicious thing ever.
Hannah Wright, third-year dancer

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