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Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community


The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:

Marya Tamara Brooks (B.S. ’64,M.S. ’66, piano)
Richard B. Fisk (Diploma ’44,Postgraduate Diploma ’48, B.S. ’50, M.S. ’51, piano)
Norma Fast Flender (B.S. ’53, piano)
Frederick C. Gersten (’55, voice)
Brian L. Hanna (’83, dance)
David Howell-Jones (B.S. ’49, organ)
Elizabeth A. Thompson Hubbard (Diploma ’61, dance
Evelyn Shulman Lear (’53, voice)
Walter Legawiec (B.S. ’51, violin)
Timothy L. Malosh (B.M. ’74, M.M. ’75, flute)
George L. McGeary (B.S. ’52, piano; M.S. ’54, music theory
Arthur C. Morris (B.S. ’50, piano)
Denver S. Oldham (B.S. ’58, piano)
Selma Klein Seider (’42, piano)
Jerry Shaw (’41, piano)
Jane E. Allaway Swan (’47, voice)
Martin Tipton (Pre-College ’80, french horn)
Paul H. Turok (’53, composition)
Howard S. Weiss (’46, clarinet)
Zvi Zeitlin (Postgraduate Diploma ’39, violin)


Faculty and Staff
Robert Bailey
Marvin Hamlisch (Pre-College ’63, piano)
Bruce MacCombie
Ruggiero Ricci

Ruth Block
Herbert Breslin
Nora Ephron
Arlene Petroff Grossman
Elaine Kend
Florence Kopleff
Mamdouh Moukhtar
Edith T. Reis
Martin E. Segal
Maurice Sendak
Richard D. Zanuck

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