OPT Updates


For students on Optional Practical Training (OPT), please keep in mind that you must report your employment to the O.I.A. throughout the year. The guide below will help you complete the form appropriately. If you have any questions, please email us at oia@juilliard.edu. If you change your visa status, please email us a copy of your new paperwork so that we can update your record.

Situation What to Report Other Notes
New Job Name of employer, dates of employment, mailing address of employer Type the name of the company or organization—not the person hiring you
Multiple Short Term Gigs (with less than 10 days between gigs)           For the name of employer, type in "Multiple short term gigs" Keep your own records of the individual gigs in case of an audit in the future
More than 10 days of unemployment For the name of employer, type in "Unemployed" If you previously worked on OPT, type in the ending date of the last job
Self-employed business owner For name of employer, type in "Self-employed business owner" and date went into business You should plan to keep all the paperwork showing when your business was created
You leave the U.S. and will not finish OPT For name of employer, type in "Not completing OPT" and date leaving the U.S. Keep proof of your departure from the U.S. in case you want to use the remainder of your OPT for another degree at the same level