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The security and safety of the Juilliard community is of paramount importance at all times. Security policies, procedures and personnel reflect the school’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. However, security and safety is a participatory activity, and it requires everyone’s participation to be effective. Moreover, each of us has an individual responsibility to comply with all security policies and procedures, to be aware of issues that could affect the security of ourselves and others, and to know how to respond in the event of an emergency. 

The Juilliard Public Safety Department is responsible for security at The Juilliard School. The department consists of a management team and uniformed security officers. The Public Safety Department is located on the second floor of the Juilliard facility - Room 230. The Department welcomes all questions or concerns regarding your security and safety. Uniformed security officers are responsible for ensuring the Juilliard physical premises and day-to-day activities conducted therein are secure. To that end, Juilliard security officers are instructed to ensure that only authorized individuals are permitted to enter the Juilliard facility, monitor the Juilliard environment for suspicious activity or unsafe conditions, provide security for internal and public events, and respond to emergencies. Any security-related questions or concerns should be brought to their attention.

The Public Safety Department maintains close relationships with Lincoln Center Security, New York Police Department (NYPD), and other members of the law enforcement community. These relationships are critical to ensuring the Public Safety Department is provided timely information on security-related issues, and therefore can respond appropriately to security events.

Anyone witnessing suspicious activity or persons should report them to the Juilliard Public Safety (ext. 246) or by using the red emergency phones located throughout the school building. In the residence hall, students should call the 11th Floor Security Desk (ext. 7442). Lincoln Center Security will notify the residence hall staff member on duty. In cases of criminal activity, Juilliard Public Safety or Lincoln Center Security will assist students in filing a report with the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.). The Juilliard School is located in the 20th Precinct of the N.Y.P.D.

20th Precinct Station
120 West 82nd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
(212) 580-6411

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