Introduce Yourself

Receive information related to our application, stories from our admissions bloggers, and special looks at new videos being created to showcase all that happens at Juilliard.

Virtual Campus Tours

While the Juilliard campus is currently closed, we are offering virtual interactive tours throughout the summer with a tour guide from the Office of Admissions. Tours will take place entirely online in a webinar format, allowing the tour guide to show photos of the campus while providing a narrative about the school and the facilities. Participants can use the chat function of the webinar to ask their tour guide questions.

Ask an Admission Officer

Do you have a question about applying to Juilliard? Complete the following form to receive an email response from an admissions staff member.

Ask a Student

Want to know more about what life is like as a Juilliard student? Complete the following form to submit questions about student life and receive an email response from a current Juilliard student.

Spotlight on Dance

Our virtual Spotlight on Dance includes a tour of Juilliard and an in-depth information session followed by a Q&A with current students and administrators. 

Spotlight on Drama

Our virtual Spotlight on Drama includes an in-depth information session followed by a Q&A with Drama faculty, administrators, current students, and alumni.

Virtual Visits & Information Sessions

The Juilliard School will be participating in many virtual events throughout Fall 2020. These events provide information to prospective applicants as you research your college options.


We recognize the challenges that exist in guiding your students through the many  and varying number of specific requirements and procedures. We're hoping to demystify and simplify the admissions process at Juilliard in order to make the process easier for both you and your students.