Financing Your Education

We know that the cost of a college of education is one of many key factors that help you make your decision about where to enroll. We hope to start a dialogue with you about the value of a Juilliard education and the steps you can take to be prepared.

Cost of Attendance


The annual cost of tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $43,170. 

Juilliard offers a Net Price Calculator that provides a broad unofficial estimate of what it may cost to attend the School. The calculator results will include all applicable federal and state aid (for New York State residents only), as well as institutional scholarships

Student Budget

The following is an estimated on-campus budget for the nine-month 2017-2018 academic year. You should be aware that the cost of living in New York City and off-campus rents can be exceedingly high. You should also calculate out-of-town transportation (where applicable) into your overall budgets.

  Double Room
Tuition  $43,170
Residence Hall (Room & Meals)  $15,990
Subtotal $59,160
Books, Supplies, & Personal Expenses  $3,440
NYC Transportation $1,089
Total $63,689

For a complete list of additional fees and expenses, visit our Student Accounts page.


Scholarship decisions are made by the Juilliard Scholarship Committee upon the student’s admission to Juilliard and based on a combination of financial need and artistic merit. The members of the committee include administrators for the Departments of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid as well as senior administrators and artistic directors from appropriate areas of the School. While we are unable to meet the full need of all who apply, we make every effort to assist as many students as possible to attend the School.

Learn more about our scholarship application process.


A student loan is an investment in your education. However, because loans must be repaid with interest, taking on educational debt is a decision that must be considered carefully. The Juilliard School encourages responsible borrowing and is committed to providing students and parents with the tools and information needed to make the best possible choices.

Learn more about how to apply for loans


A grant is money that does not need to be repaid. The Juilliard School will package all students with any federal or state grants for which they are eligible. We strongly encourage prospective applicants to apply for privately funded scholarships during the junior and/or senior year of high school. High school guidance counselors can provide information regarding application procedures. Many fraternal, industrial, community, and religious organizations sponsor scholarship and/or loan programs which should be investigated through the particular institution.

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