Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses Policy


Article 129-A of the New York State Education Law requires all public, private, community colleges and universities in New York State to adopt and implement rules and a plan for investigating violent felony offenses committed on campus and also for the investigation of any report received of a missing student who resides on campus. Furthermore, the law requires that the plan shall provide for coordination with local enforcement agencies, and shall include written agreements with these agencies for the prompt investigation of these crimes.

In compliance with this requirement, The Juilliard School has established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the New York Police Department 20th Precinct, establishing guidelines for the coordination of law enforcement efforts on the campus and during the investigation of crimes.

When a report of an on-campus violent felony offense is received by the School, the recipient shall notify the Vice President for Facilities and the Dean of Student Affairs as soon as possible. The police departments will work collaboratively and carry out appropriate investigative procedures and will determine the most efficient manner of continuing the investigation and shall provide mutual assistance when requested.

The following terms shall have the following meanings:

  • "Local law enforcement agencies" means any agency or agencies employing peace officers or police officers for the enforcement of the laws of the state, and which has or have jurisdiction under provisions of the criminal procedure law over offenses occurring at or on the grounds of any institution subject to the provisions of this section.
  • "Missing student" means any student of an institution subject to the provisions of this section, who resides in a facility owned or operated by such institution and who is reported to such institution as missing from his or her residence.
  • "Violent felony offense" means a violent felony offense as defined in subdivision one of section 70.02 of the penal law.