Comparing Employment Visas

There are many different visa categories available and each situation is unique. For the O.I.A. to determine the most appropriate visa category, we will need to know the visitor’s country of citizenship, the length of the engagement at Juilliard, the details of the engagement, and any other plans the visitor may have while in the U.S.

The most common temporary work visa types at Juilliard are J-1, O-1, and TN.  Each visa has various pros and cons and should be discussed in advance with an O.I.A. advisor to ensure the appropriate visa will be requested. Below is a chart which compares the various visa categories.


J-1 Exchange Visitor

B-1/Visa Waiver Program

TN Visa

O-1 Visa

Who Qualifies?

An individual primarily teaching, lecturing, observing,  consulting, or demonstrating a special skill

A visitor consulting, attending a conference or seminar, guest teaching, or performing at an academic sponsored festival

A Canadian or Mexican temporary worker who will work in professional positions

A visitor of extraordinary achievement in the arts (including directors, designers, choreographers, or conductors)


Possibility of:

  • 212(e) restriction
  • 24-month repeat participation bar    
  • 12-month bar       

Cannot receive honoraria from more than five institutions over a six month period

Can only be used if profession is on the approved list

If the visitor is subject to the 212(e), they cannot change status in the U.S.

Initiate Paperwork

2-3 months before requested start date of employment

1 month before requested start date of employment

1 month before requested start date of employment

Juilliard does not currently sponsor O-1 visas, but visitors may acquire sponsorship from another source that authorizes employment at Juilliard


Professor: 5 years

Short-Term Scholar: 6 months

Student Intern: 12 months

9 days at each institution (up to 5 institutions during a six month period)

3 years (extensions unlimited)

3 years (extensions unlimited)

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