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Parents and families are very important members of The Juilliard School community. At Juilliard, we have several offices to address your needs or concerns as parents and family members of Juilliard students. In particular, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Residence Life, and the Office of International Advisement are able to assist you with a variety of questions you may have concerning your son or daughter's educational process.

Sending your son or daughter to college is a big transition for any family. Sending your son or daughter to The Juilliard School in New York City can be an even bigger transition given the rigorous curriculum and big city life your child will be entering. This resource section is dedicated to providing you important information to help support you as you support your Juilliard student. By familiarizing yourself with the services and resources at Juilliard, you will have a better understanding of the school and be able to assist your student as they navigate their way through college.

Should you have any additional questions that are not addressed in this resource section, the staff at the School are more than happy to assist in answering your questions or directing you to the appropriate department.

Welcome to The Juilliard School and we hope to see you around campus!


Jennifer M. Awe, Ed.D.
Dean of Student Affairs


Contact Information
Jennifer M. Awe, Ed.D., Dean of Student Affairs
Location: Room 245E
Phone: 212-799-5000, etc. 7447
Email: jawe@juilliard.edu

Sabrina Tanbara, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Location: Room 100, next to the Morse Student Lounge
Phone: 212-799-5000, ext. 200
E-mail: stanbara@juilliard.edu

Todd Porter, Director of Residence Life
Location: 11th Floor Meredith Willson Residence Hall
Phone: 212-769-7403
Email: reslife@juilliard.edu

Cory Owen, Assistant Dean of International Advisement and Diversity Initiatives
Location: Room 245D
Phone: 212-799-5000, ext. 358
Email: oia@juilliard.edu