Identification (ID) Card Policy

In an effort to ensure ease of access to The Juilliard School facilities, and to increase the safety of our campus, Juilliard students are required to carry their ID at all times while on campus, and strongly encouraged to wear their ID badges, especially during evenings and weekends, in order to easily distinguish Juilliard community members from outside patrons and visitors.

  • New students will be issued ID cards during new student orientation and registration.
  • All enrolled students must have, on their person, a student identification card while on School property.  Juilliard lanyards and card holders will be provided to each student at no cost.
  • The ID card is intended to serve as proof of an individual’s status at The Juilliard School and provide access to many resources only available to currently-enrolled Juilliard students within the specified School program divisions. (Note: For your safety, you should remove your ID/badge holder when off-campus.)
  • The ID card can be worn around your neck with an approved Juilliard lanyard or on a clip, as long as the ID is visible and on your person. 
  • ID cards will need to be placed in the window of all practice rooms occupied by the student. If multiple students are practicing in a room or studio space, all ID cards should try to be displayed.
  • Students must show their ID upon request to any School Official or Security Officer.

Color Scheme

  • A color scheme has been instituted to better identify authorized Juilliard individuals on campus.


  • Juilliard blue & white lanyards.

ID Backgrounds/Card Holders

  • Faculty and Staff – White background/green trim/green card holder;
  • College-division students – White background/red trim/red card holder;
  • Pre-College division student – Pink background/red trim/white card holder;
  • MAP division students – Pink background/red trim/white card holder;
  • Evening division students – Blue background/red trim/blue card holder.


  • Production Staff will have the option to wear elastic armbands.

Please Note:

  • If you do not have an active ID card or forget your card, you will need to register with Security at the front entrance in both the Irene Diamond and Samuel B. and David Rose Buildings.
  • If a student forgets their ID card three (3) or more times, the student may be subject to a judicial hearing, sanction, or financial penalty.
  • If you are a college-division student in need of a lanyard or case, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.
  • If your ID is lost or stolen, you must report it to Juilliard Security or the Facilities Department immediately. You can make reports to the main Security Desk on the 1st Floor, Room 232, or by calling 212-799-5000 ext. 311. All ID’s deemed lost or stolen will be deactivated immediately.
  • Replacements for lost/stolen ID cards may be secured through the Facilities Department. A state issued ID or valid passport must be provided prior to a new ID issuance. Cost is $50 and includes a replacement lanyard and card holder case. 
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