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Juilliard Sponsored Travel Registry

The Juilliard School believes that sponsored off-campus activities, events, and travel are an essential part of the Performing Arts curriculum. Both domestic and international travel can enrich the academic and professional experience at Juilliard. When traveling to or in specific areas both domestically and internationally, it is recommended to plan and prepare well in advance and to consider certain healthy and safety issues or potential risks that may arise or may be encountered.

The Juilliard Sponsored Travel Registry is for Juilliard students, staff, and faculty who will be traveling on behalf of the School for activities including, but not limited to, performances, cultural exchanges, community service, conference attendance, lectures/presentations, and alumni relations business. 

The School seeks to provide safe travel with appropriate and relevant experiences for students. Any travel activities can involve significant risk, both to students participating in them and also to the School based upon the manner in which students conduct themselves during the experience.

The protocol and additional documentation applies to all School sponsored travel including students who attend and/or participated activities or events that are organized and/or sponsored by The Juilliard School at locations that extends beyond College property, regardless of distance, outside the United States. The protocol does not apply to travel undertaken solely by student who may travel to attend performances, auditions, events as a spectator, or to engage in student-teaching, internships, or practicums.
The purpose of this protocol and supplemental documentation is to:

  • Provide guidelines and outline expectations for School sponsored travel experiences and the conditions under which such travel is conducted.
  • Promote safe and meaningful student travel experiences with relevant learning outcomes.
  • Ensure that the School is informed of the itinerary of all participants traveling with School sponsored experiences.
  • Ensure that proper immigration and travel documentation is obtained for all participants within a timely manner prior to the trips departure. 

While the information covers many different areas, the protocol is not comprehensive and does not cover all circumstances; the protocol and supplemental documentation is intended to prompt trip leaders and sponsors to be prepared to maintain the health and safety of our students and prepared to assess and mitigate the potential risks they may encounter.

In order to complete the registration process, all the following information must be received, reviewed, understood/acknowledged, and agreed to by all participants prior to completing the registration process:

  1.  Revised 2/3/2017 [PDF]
  2.  Revised 2/3/2017 [PDF]
  3. Juilliard Sponsored Travel Registry Form 

Special Note: For international travel, it is advised to be aware of travel alerts, advisories, and emergency information. For these resources, please see the Office of International Advisement or email

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