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The Juilliard School provides a diverse array of activities, events, and programs that will enrich your collegiate experience. The Student Events Calendar (SEC) provides a "one-stop events shop" experience to help you better navigate all the happenings for Juilliard College Division Students. If you are looking for the performance calendar, click here.

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Student Affairs is pleased to introduce the new Juilliard Campus Life guide on the Guidebook app! Juilliard Campus Life keeps you connected to student events, activities, resources and services whether you are on or off campus. You’ll have the Student Events Calendar, Performance Calendar, and Academic Calendar as well other information right at your fingertips!

To download the Juilliard Campus Life guide, visit your mobile app store, search for Guidebook and download. You may be asked to create a Guidebook account, but you can bypass this step or do it at a later time. Once you have the Guidebook app downloaded, enter the passphrase that was emailed to all Juilliard College Division students to access the Juilliard Campus Life guide.




What is a Foundations program?

Foundations programs give Juilliard students learning experiences that complement their academic curriculum and professional experiences. By engaging students in educational conversations, activities, and workshops, students are able to expand their mind and knowledge base as well as develop important skills that they, as performing artists and global citizens, can use throughout their careers and personal lives.

Foundations programs cover a wide variety of topics within the following four broader domains:

Diversity and Civic Engagement programs will encompass elements of social justice, current events, and global citizenship.

Life Essentials programs will prepare students for the "real world" with programs ranging from professional development to personal safety.

Community Standards programs will focus on fostering a safe and aware Juilliard community.

Health and Wellness programs will help students develop healthy habits, both physically and emotionally.

Students can look for these icons and colors next to events in these E-Blasts and on other marketing materials around campus to see what Foundations domain they fall under.


How do I meet the requirements of the Foundations program?

  • Attend at least one program from each of the four domains at some point during the academic year. 
  • Stay for the full duration of each program (typically 45 minutes to an hour in length).


How is Foundations different from Horizons?


  • Must attend a minimum of 6 programs per year: 3 during the fall semester and 3 during the spring semester.
  • Incentives for participation are only relevant to students interested in living on-campus the following academic year.
  • There are no additional incentives if a student attends more than 6 programs per year.


  • Attending one program from each of the four domains will give you preferred placement during the housing selection process.
  • Both residential and commuter students have incentives to participate in the program.
  • There are extra incentives for those students who attend more than four programs.


I do not intend to live on-campus next year. Why should I participate in the Foundations program?

There are a variety of reasons for students to participate in Foundations.

Housing Selection: Students who attend at least one program from each of the four domains are given preferential placement in the housing selection process for the following academic year. 

Prize Drawings: All students, regardless if they plan to live on-campus the following year, will be entered into a monthly drawing. Students will be selected at random to win various prizes. Possible prizes include gift cards to the dining hall, MetroCards, and Juilliard swag! Students who do not win a prize will be added to the next month’s drawing. The more events you attend, the better your chances are at winning a prize the next month!


I would like to organize a Foundations program. How do I do that?

If you or your department/organization would like to create a Foundations program, you can submit a Foundations Program Proposal, which is reviewed on a weekly basis by the Student Engagement Team (SET). Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation and further instructions about how to put on your program and meet the Foundations guidelines.

Submit your proposal here: Foundations Program Proposal


How do I know if a program is a Foundations program?

  • Look for the Foundations identifiers on flyers, bulletin boards, newsletters, social media posts, etc.
  • Check out the Foundations programs listed in the Student Events Calendar on the Juilliard Campus Life Guide on Guidebook.
  • Ask a Student Affairs, Residence Life, or International Advisement staff member.


I still have questions. Who do I contact?

For general information, stop by the Office of Student Affairs, the Office or Residence Life, or the Office of International Advisement or email osa@juilliard.edu.

For a tally of your Foundations credits, please contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@juilliard.edu.


I would like to share my thoughts about the Foundations Program.

If you have feedback about a specific event, please fill out this program evaluation form. Our goal is to create truly valuable programs for students, so your feedback is incredibly important to us.