Academic Honors


The Academic Honors program at Juilliard is designed for exceptional undergraduate students who wish to enhance their scholarly activities. Honors courses provide students with the opportunity to develop additional skills practiced in the core curriculum, such as critical thinking, selecting sources for analysis, and learning research methodologies used by scholars in various disciplines. Students who successfully complete the program receive the citation "With Academic Honors" on their transcripts and diplomas. Honors courses may fulfill other graduation requirements. 


In order to graduate with Academic Honors, students must complete the course requirements listed below with a grade of B+ or higher in each of them, and obtain a 3.3 cumulative GPA for all their academic courses by the time of graduation. 

Required courses: 

An Honors Liberal Arts course, plus a minimum of two of the following: 

  • Honors Music History 
  • Honors Theory V 
  • Approved Columbia course(s) 
  • Honors Independent Study 
  • Approved Juilliard graduate courses 

Inquiries about the program should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs, Room 221, (212) 799-5000, ext. 351.