Keyboard Studies


The Keyboard Studies department aims to broadly enhance the level of keyboard playing and musicianship skills for all music students at Juilliard. It is primarily comprised of two courses of study: Secondary Piano and Keyboard Skills. 

The Secondary Piano course is required of all non-keyboard music majors. Its three-year curriculum trains students in the rudiments of piano playing, including scales, arpeggios, basic keyboard harmony, and sight-reading, while maintaining the study of repertoire, ranging from simple pedagogical pieces to two-part inventions and Classical-era sonatinas. 

The Keyboard Skills course is required of all keyboard majors. Its two-year curriculum is designed to sharpen specific practical skills that are necessary for all keyboard players. It covers sight-reading, keyboard harmony, transposition, and score-reading. The final semester of the Keyboard Skills sequence offers a rich menu of advanced electives on a rotating basis. 

Prior to entering into the Keyboard Skills sequence, students are required to pass a sight-reading proficiency exam. In support of this requirement, a two-semester Keyboard Sight-Reading course taught by graduate teaching fellows is offered in the student's first year.