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Contact Information

Born in Baltimore, MD

Specializes in Kant and German idealism, critical theory, social and political philosophy, and the history of philosophy. His research generally investigates the historical sources and structures of norms and critique, and current research includes three distinct projects on Adorno's "addendum", Kant's political critique, and the problems attendant to Arendt's construction and valuation of merged political-philosophical orientations. In addition to tutoring in the Writing and Communications Center, courses at Juilliard include the core (Ethics; Society, Politics, and Culture; Arts and Aesthetics), while recent elective courses include: Metaphysics, 19th Century Philosophy, and an historical exploration of the concept "Psyche". 

Degrees and Studies

BA in History, Politics, and European (German) Cultural Studies from Brandeis University (2005), MA in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research (2008), PhD in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research (2014).

The Juilliard School

Faculty since 2010.