Named Scholarships and Fellowships


The Juilliard School is deeply grateful to the following scholarship donors, whose assistance makes a Juilliard education possible for many deserving young artists.



Ada Abrams Scholarship
Denes Agay Merit Award
Barbara Rogers Agosin Scholarship
Maro and Anahid Ajemian Scholarship
Albany/Schenectady League of Arts Van Olinda Scholarship
Ann S. Alderman and W. Harold Alderman Scholarship
Victor Aller Memorial Fund in Piano
Lucille Altman Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Thelma Altshuler Scholarship
Gary J. Amsterdam Piano Scholarship
Albina Andrew Scholarship
Jean Dubinsky Appleton Scholarship
Louis Armstrong Foundation Scholarship
Joan and Robert Arnow Scholarship
Frieda and Harry Aronson Scholarship in Trumpet
Hannah Melvina Aronson Scholarship
Ida Artzt Scholarship
Celia Ascher Fellows Fund
Celia and Joseph Ascher Fund for Piano
Jerome Ashby Scholarship
Helen-Mae Knafel Askin Violin Scholarship
George H. Atlas Music Scholarship
Augustine Foundation Guitar Fellowship
Herbert R. and Evelyn Axelrod Scholarship
Milton and Sylvia Babbitt Scholarship
Gina Bachauer Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Rose and Edwin Bachmann Scholarship in Honor of Mirian Conti
Katherine Bacon Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Buster Bailey Percussion Scholarship
Arthur B. Barber Scholarships
Robert Wayne Barlow Prize in Harp Performance
Baroque Music Scholarship
Bootsie Barth Scholarship in Dance, Drama and Vocal Arts
Janet Stull Baumgartner Scholarship 
Pearl Bell 88’s Scholarship
Lewis and Elizabeth Bellardo Scholarship
Ralph and Crescentia Bellville Scholarship
Lester R. and Doris S. Benjamin Scholarship
Jeanne M. Bennett Violin Scholarship
Irving Berlin Scholarships
Paul Louis Berlin Scholarship
Harry Bernstein Scholarship
Pearl Bernstein Memorial Scholarship
The Elsa Bickel Memorial Fund
Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Scholarship
Frank L. Biletzky Memorial Scholarship
Martha Binns and Xenia Brandt Scholarship
Mary E. Birsh Scholarship in Voice
Kenneth M. and Josephine J. Bissell Scholarship
Irwin and Sonia Wysocki Block Scholarship
Betty and Daniel Bloomfield Fund Scholarship
Kenneth Bohn Memorial Scholarship 
Drs. Walter and Trude Borchardt Memorial Scholarship
Bowers & Wilkins Scholarship in Music
R. Maurice Boyd Scholarship for Vocal Studies
Barbara and Gary Brandt Family Scholarships
Barnett M. Breeskin and Gertrude Breeskin Kartzmer Scholarship
Isabel Brenes Scholarship
Elizabeth and Joseph Brenner Scholarship
Raymond Brick Memorial Scholarship
Ruth and Alan Broder Scholarship
Emerick R. Bronson Scholarship
Esther R. Brooke Scholarship
Joan Elizabeth Brown Scholarship Fund
Mari Brown Scholarship
Oren L. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Michael L. Brunetti Memorial Scholarship in Voice
George B. Bryant Scholarship
Louis and Minna Burle Piano Fund
John Dexter Bush Scholarship
Tamara and Richard Patrick Calvert Memorial Scholarship
Martin Canin Piano Scholarship
Carabo-Cone Scholarship in Violin
C/Kaplan Piano Scholarship
James C. Caple Scholarship
Nina Carasso Scholarship
Neil Carlson Memorial Scholarship in Organ
Edith F. Carr Scholarship
Elliott Carter Memorial Scholarship in Composition
Ron Carter Jazz Scholarship
Rosalind Carter Scholarship in Piano
Caruso American Memorial Foundation Award
Roger F. Casey Scholarship
Raymond Cerf Memorial Scholarship in Violin
Gail Chamock Scholarship in Voice
Hai Luen Chao Scholarship 
Genevieve Kniese Chaudhuri Cello Scholarship
Frances I. Cheyne Scholarship
Salvatore T. Chiantia Scholarship in Voice
Bernice Cingolani Scholarship
Ezio Cingolani Scholarship
Stephen Clapp Memorial Violin Scholarship
David Clayson Scholarship for Voice
Rildia Bee O’Bryan Cliburn Scholarship in Piano
Van Cliburn Alumni Scholarship in Piano
Rhea Cloe and Carl Cloe Memorial Fund
Jerry Bywaters Cochran Scholarship in Dance in Honor of Martha Hill
Lillian Shendell Resni Coff Scholarship in Piano
Charles and Bernard Cohen Memorial Scholarship
Michael and Ethel L. Cohen Scholarships
Pauly Cohen Jazz Scholarship
Sam Cohen Scholarship
Alan D. Cohn JFEW Jazz Scholarship
Brenda Miller Cooper Scholarship
Norton J. "Sky" Cooper Scholarship
Samuel R. Cosby, Jr. Scholarship
Frederick Cotton Classical Dance Scholarship
Courageous Spirit Dance and Drama Awards
Vicki Cowen Scholarship
John and Mary Cufalo Violin Scholarship
CultureHorde Scholarship
Barbara Bell Cumming Foundation Scholarship
Isabel Stewart Cunningham Scholarship
Frank Damrosch Scholarship in Graduate Study
Alice Davis Scholarship
Caldwell Davis Percussion Scholarship
Curtis W. Davis Scholarship in Composition
Frieda and Leonard Davis Scholarship Fund
Libbey Davis Scholarship
Robert Sawin Davis, Sr. Scholarship
Marion L. Dears Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy DeLay Scholarship in Violin
Daniel A. Demarest Scholarship in Music
Johnny Desmond Scholarship in Voice
Vernon de Tar Scholarship in Organ
Christine and Édouard Dethier Scholarship in Violin
Arnold Deutsch/Dorothy DeLay Scholarship
Ruth Deutsch Scholarship
Bernard A. Diamant Scholarship in Cello
Irene Diamond Scholarships
Irene Diamond Graduate Fellowships
Robert O. Dillman Scholarship
Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship
Lorna “Dee” Doan Scholarship
Paul Doktor Scholarship in Viola
Martha Dwight Douglas Memorial Scholarships
Nora Downes Fund
Drama Council Scholarship
Jean and Louis Dreyfus Foundation Scholarship
Max Dreyfus Scholarship in Voice
Marie Dring Scholarship in Piano
John W. Drye, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Florence Dubinsky Scholarship in Piano
Dr. and Mrs. Gottfried Karl Duschak Scholarship


Dr. Lee MacCormick Edwards Scholarship
Frida Loewenthal Eising Scholarship
Jennie K. and Kurt D. Elle Memorial Scholarships
Susanne D. Ellis Scholarship
Abraham Ellstein Memorial Scholarship in Composition
Madeline Elsemiller Scholarship in Voice
Marilyn Emanuel Scholarship
Marilyn and Steven Emanuel Drama Scholarship
Cecelia Entner Scholarship
George Erick Scholarship
Ahmet Ertegun Memorial Scholarship
Edwina Eustis Endowed Scholarship
Robert M. Fabian Scholarship
Simon and Anna Fabian Scholarships
Alice Shaw Farber Scholarship
Nora Fauchald Scholarship in Voice
Pauline and Arthur Feibush Memorial Scholarship
Norton Feld and Ben Feld Scholarship
Cecelia Felman Piano Scholarship
Etta Fischbach Feinberg Scholarship
Louis A. Ferré Scholarship
The Fidelity Foundation Scholarship
Fima Fidelman Scholarship
Joseph Fidelman Scholarship
Edith Steinkraus Fischer Scholarship in Music
Dr. Richard Bernard Fisk and Mrs. Sara M. Fisk Scholarship
Barbara G. Fleischman Drama Scholarship 
Lilly Z. Foldes Fund in Piano and Violin
William H. and Dorothy G. Ford Scholarship
Carmine P. Fornarotto Scholarship in Brass
Dora L. Foster Scholarship
Robert Allen Foster Scholarship
Rose Black Fox Scholarship
Molly Frank and Aliki Perroti Scholarship in Violin and Conducting
Richard E. Frank Scholarship
Romayne Leader Frank Scholarship
Syril H. and Walter A. Frank Scholarship
Ronald L. Freed Scholarship
Allen R. and Judy Brick Freedman Scholarship
Peter J. Frenkel Foundation Scholarship in Dance
Irwin Freundlich Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Carl Friedberg Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Rudolf Friml Scholarship
James Friskin Scholarship in Piano
Joseph Fuchs Violin Scholarship
Lillian Fuchs Viola Scholarship
Constance Gleason Furcolo Scholarship
Lolita Cabrera Gainsborg Scholarship
Felix Galimir Scholarship
George H. Gangwere Scholarship
Sandy and George Garfunkel Scholarship
David Garvey Scholarship
Sheila Bott Gaynor Scholarship
Judy Gelfand Piano Scholarship
George Gershwin Memorial Foundation Scholarship in Composition
Thea Gerstle Scholarship, in memory of Luciano Pavarotti
Armando Ghitalla Award in Trumpet
Herschel Burke Gilbert Family Scholarship Fund
Pia Gilbert Scholarship
Gilbert W. Glass Scholarship
Francis Goelet Scholarship
Victor Goines Scholarship
Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale Scholarship
Rita Gold Drama Award
Rita and Herbert Z. Gold Woodwind Award
Luba and George Goldberg Fund in Piano
Morris Goldenberg Scholarship in Percussion
Keith Gollust Scholarships in Dance and Piano
Saul Goodman Scholarship
Ann Scovell Gordon Memorial Fund
Nathan Gordon Viola Scholarship
Wycliffe Gordon Scholarship
Constance Goulandris Scholarship 
Michael Paul Grace II Scholarship
Erich L. Graf Flute Scholarship in Recognition of Julius and Ruth Baker
Philip Osborne Grant Scholarship
The Venerable John A. Greco Scholarship
Jerome L. Greene Fellowships in Music,Dance and Drama
Rita Greenland Scholarship in Voice
Spencer and Caroline Greenwald Scholarship
Alexandre Gretchaninoff Prize
Josephine Grosso Scholarship
Dolly and Stephanie Susan Gross Scholarship
Mildred Gruner Memorial Scholarship
Gertrude and Morris Grunin Prize
Lorraine Rita Grunin Memorial Prize
Mary Rodgers Guettel Scholarship
Byron J. Gustafson Scholarship
Gerald Gutierrez Professional Development Fund
Hamburger Family Scholarship in Voice
Marvin Hamlisch Scholarship in Composition
Marilyn Hochberg Hammerman Scholarship
Stephen Ian Handleman Scholarship
John P. Hanvey Memorial Scholarship
Benjamin Harkarvy Scholarship in Dance
Fannie Gottlieb Harkavy Scholarship
Rebekah Harkness Scholarship in Dance
Mack Harrell Fund Scholarship
Irving B. and Joan W. Harris Endowed Scholarship Fund
Patricia Haspert Scholarship in Vocal Arts
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarships
Frieda Heiligenstein Scholarship in Voice
Clara and George Heller Memorial Scholarship
Anthony Ireland Helzer Memorial Scholarship in Percussion
Luther and Billie Allen Henderson Scholarship in Music, Dance, and Drama
William J. Henderson Scholarship
Victor Herbert Foundation Scholarship
Frederick Raymond Heward Memorial Scholarship
Philo Higley Scholarship in Voice
Martha Hill Scholarship in Dance
Germaine and Robert Hines Scholarship
Harry and Gertrude Hines Scholarship
Hobin Harp Scholarship
Barbara M. Hoeller Memorial Scholarship
Richard A. Holman Scholarship
Ben Holt Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Leo Holz Memorial Scholarship in Flute
Frederick G. Horn and Elsie K. Bauernfeind Scholarship
Frederica Shick Horochiloff Scholarship
Dorothy and Harry Horowitz Scholarship
Vladimir Horowitz Scholarship
Louis Horst Scholarship in Dance
Helen P. Houle Scholarship
Al Howard Scholarship
Phyllis Joan Hoyland Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Katherine L. Hufnagel Scholarship in Memory of Lowell B. Miller
Brenda C. Huggins Housing Fund for Jazz Students
Doris Humphrey Scholarship in Dance
Mary S. Hursey Scholarship
Geneviève Thomachot Hustead Scholarship
Edward Jabès Scholarship
Marjorie Jackson Scholarship
Samuel L. Jackson, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Paul Jacobs Memorial Scholarship
Theodore and Bernice Jacoff Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Illinois Jacquet Scholarship in Jazz Studies
Bernard Jaffe Scholarship
Lilli Jank Memorial Scholarships in Drama and Vocal Arts
Bel Jelin Memorial Fund
Mathilde R. Jensen Memorial Scholarship
Jephson Scholarship
Hardesty and Beverley Peck Johnson Fund
J.S. and Barbara P. Johnson Scholarship
Barbara and Donald Jonas Scholarship in Honor of Lawrence A. Wien
Maryla Jonas Scholarship
Alton Jones Memorial Scholarship
Charles Jones Scholarship
Juilliard Alumni Association of Japan Scholarship
Juilliard Alumni Fund Scholarships
Juilliard Association Scholarships
Raul Julia Memorial Scholarship in Drama


The Kadar Family Scholarship for Israeli Talent
Helen and Martin Kaltman Scholarship
The Kamiya Sisters Piano Scholarship
Philip and Barbara Kaplan Scholarship
Herman Karpel Scholarship
Selene Katz Scholarship
Jack Katzen Memorial Fund in Piano
Helen Katherine Katzenberger Scholarship Fund
Adina and Marcos Katz Scholarship
Ruth Katzman Scholarship
Jean S. Kaufman Scholarship
The Kawaja Family Scholarship
Saul Kay Trombone Scholarship
Keeping the Blues Alive Torchbearer Scholarship in memory of Nicholas Potts
Mildred H. Kellogg Scholarship
Timothy P. Kelly Scholarship
Mary Isabelle Kemp Scholarship in Voice
Florence Page Kimball Scholarship
Marga and Arthur King Scholarship
Hjalmar and Emma Kivekas Memorial Fund
Miriam Klein Scholarship
Therese and Isidore Kleppel Memorial Fund in Piano
Anna Blum Kliegman and Ben Kliegman Scholarship
Morton B. Knafel Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Susan R. Knafel Scholarship
Knoller Rosen Scholarship for Composition
Roland Kohloff Scholarship
Beth and Chris Kojima (Goldman Sachs Gives Fund) Scholarship
Rose Koltun Scholarship in Piano
Hannah Komanoff Memorial Scholarship in Composition
Isidore Komanoff Memorial Scholarship in Conducting
Korean Cultural Service New York Scholarship
The Sylvia H. Koski Scholarship
Kovner Fellowship
Karl H. Kraeuter Scholarship in Violin
Phyllis M. Kraeuter Scholarship in Cello
Janet Kramer Fellowship
Philip C. Kraus Scholarship
Ute Krayenbuehl Scholarship
Fritz Kreisler Scholarship in Violin
Joseph and Michael B. Kromelow Scholarship
Mary Anna Kruty Family Scholarship, established by Martin P.,
   Frank D., Delphine M., and Martin J. Kruty
Alice Hendricks Kuhn Memorial Scholarship
LCU Foundation Housing Stipend
LLL Foundation Guitar Fellowship
​Jill and Barry Lafer Scholarship
Rosemarie Radman Lafiosca Scholarship  
Elaine Lambert Yearly Prize
Juanita Landess Memorial Scholarship
Lester Lanin Scholarship
Stanley S. Lasdon Piano Scholarship
Ruth Ellen and Mary Elizabeth Lasley Scholarship
Cordelia Lee Scholarship in Violin
Peggy Lee Scholarship
Philippa Leeds Scholarship
Otto Lehmann Scholarship
Richard R. Levien Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Bertha Levin Scholarship in Piano and Voice
Herman and Helen Levin Fund
Arnold and Clarice Levy Scholarship in Piano
Cara and Hiram Lewine Scholarship
Loretta Varon Lewis Award in Voice
Marjorie and John M. Lewis Scholarship
Josef and Rosina Lhevinne Scholarship in Piano
Edward F. Limato Scholarship in Drama
Dr. Edmond Lipton Memorial Scholarship
Mario and Rosalinda Longo Scholarship in Opera Studies
Jean Doyle Loomis Memorial Scholarship in Violin
Frieda Levin Lorber Memorial Scholarship
Jack H. Lowell Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Leona Gordon Lowin Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Eileen Hayes Ludlam Memorial Scholarship
Georges Lurcy Graduate Music Scholarship
Eve Lyndlemarch Scholarship
Alfred E. Lyon and Dorothy Lyon Scholarship
Teo Macero Scholarship
Willard MacGregor Memorial Piano Scholarship
Anna Case Mackay Scholarship in Voice
Edna Bockstein Madway Scholarship
Fritz Mahler Scholarship
Miriam Malach Scholarship
Leonore Roman Malino Scholarship
Henry Mancini Fellowship in Composition
Maniker Men’s Dance Scholarship
Rita Abrams Marateck Piano Scholarship
Adele Marcus Piano Scholarship
Russell Markert Dance Scholarship
Alan D. Marks Piano Scholarship
Nancy A. Marks Chamber Music Scholarship Fund
Lola Maskiewitz Scholarship Fund
Isabel Mason Scholarship in Piano
Stephen Maxym Scholarship in Bassoon
Josephine Kinney McAndrew Scholarship
Norma Galblay McCabe Guitar Fellowship
Stephanie Palmer McClelland Scholarship
Elizabeth J. McCormack Scholarship
Joseph F. McCrindle Scholarship
Lily McKinley Scholarship
McKnight Foundation Scholarships in Drama
Clement Meadmore Scholarship in Jazz Studies
Helen Meates and Simon Prisk Scholarship
Zubin Mehta Scholarship
Bertha Melnik Scholarship
Peter Mennin and Vincent Perschetti Scholarship 
Homer and Constance Mensch Scholarship in Double Bass
Ruby Mercer Award
David Merrick Prizes
Marion and Robert Merrill Voice Scholarship Fund
Metropolitan Association of Disc Jockeys Scholarship
Benjamin and Hadassah Michtom Scholarship in
   Memory of Mark Michtom
Mark Michtom Scholarship Fund
Lillie Chasnoff Miller Scholarship
Vivian Milstein Scholarship
Mitzi Foundation Scholarship
The Moca Foundation Scholarship
J. Victor Monke and Beulah E. Monke Scholarship in honor of
  Keri-Lyn Wilson and Eric Wilson
Felicia Montealegre Scholarships in Drama
Louise Chisholm Moran Piano Scholarship
Alma Williamson Moreton Scholarship in Violin and Viola
Morgan Stanley Scholarship
Rob Moss Memorial Scholarship
Irving Mulde Scholarship
Johnny Muller Scholarship
Gerry and Franca Mulligan Scholarship
Frank Munn Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Noel H. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
David Nadien Scholarship in Violin
Elissa and James Nassy Scholarship in Music
Jared Nathan Scholarship
Elsie and Walter W. Naumburg Scholarships in Orchestral Instruments
Tim Blake Nelson and Lisa Benavides-Nelson Scholarship
Alice Dreyfus Netter Scholarship
Dr. Samuel J. and Kassie Biros Neuman Scholarship
Nichols Foundation Scholarship
Theodora J. Nichols Piano Scholarship
Edward John Noble Foundation Scholarship
Lynn J. Noble Scholarship for the Study of Classical Music
Janet Southwick Norwood Scholarship
Paola Novikova Memorial Scholarship in Voice
The Rudolf Nureyev Scholarship in Dance
Soohee Kim Oh Scholarship for Leadership in Public Service
Beatrice Ohanessian Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Clara and Alexander Ostriker Scholarship
Charles L. Ozer Scholarship


B. Mitchell Palmer Scholarship
Helen G. Palmer Scholarship in Drama
Alan Lorne Paterson Scholarship
Lois Pemberton Scholarships in Piano and Organ
Charles D. Pennebaker Organ Scholarship
Louis Persinger Scholarship
Viola Peters Scholarship Fund
Walter P. Pettipas Scholarship
Charles Petschek Violin Scholarship
William Petschek Undergraduate Scholarship in Piano
Pfeiffenberger Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth S. Phelan Scholarship
John R. Philpit Scholarship
Thomas K. Pinto Scholarship
Edith Piper Scholarship
The Piser Scholarship
Gertrude Bihr Plaga Trust Fund
Edward J. Plotkin Trombone Scholarship
Alys B. Polak Scholarship
Margaret J. and Roy H. Pollack Scholarship
Dr. Gary Portadin Scholarship
John and Eva Post Scholarship in Piano
William A. Present Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award
Richard Prins and Connie Steensma Scholarship
Henrietta Quade Scholarship Fund
Sylvia Smith Rabinof Piano Scholarship
Raymond-Cryder Scholarship
Reed Wizard/Ben Armato Scholarship for Clarinet
Steve Reich Fellowship for Artist Diploma in Music - In Honor of Ellsworth Kelly
Edna Reifsnider Scholarship in Violin and Piano
Marjorie Reis Scholarship
Argyll Campbell Rice and Argyll Pryor Rice Scholarship
Vivian Richenthal Memorial Piano Scholarship
Regina Sarfaty Rickless and Miriam Sarfaty Babin Voice Scholarship
MC and Eric Roberts Drama Scholarship
Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fellowships
Richard Rodgers Memorial Fund in Drama
Richard Rodgers Scholarship in Composition
Rodgers and Hammerstein Scholarship in Composition
Carl M. Roeder Memorial Prize in Piano
Joseph Lauro Rollino Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Jack Romann Scholarships
Josef and Melinda Romon Scholarship
Leonard Rose Memorial Scholarship in Cello
Susan W. Rose Graduate Fellowship
Susan W. Rose Piano Scholarship
Walter Rosenberger Percussion Scholarship
Edith Rosenhouse-Baehr Scholarship 
Ruth D. Rosenman Memorial Scholarship in Piano
​Ida and William Rosenthal Scholarship
James D. Rosenthal and Marvin Y. Schofer Scholarship   
Roxanne Rosoman Scholarship
Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation Scholarship
Arthur Ross Foundation Scholarships
Howard and Ethel Ross Piano Scholarship
Edna M. Rossum Scholarship
Arthur Rubinstein Scholarship in Piano established by Seth E. Frank
   and The Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust
Hanna Rubens Scholarship in Cello
Irving Ruckens Scholarship
Edith A. Sagul Scholarship
Felix Salmond Scholarship in Cello
Olga Samaroff Scholarship in Piano
Samuel Sanders Collaborative Pianists’ Award
Grace Krick Sanford and Luis Harold Sanford Memorial Scholarship
Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship
Eleanor Morgan Satterlee Memorial Scholarships
Satterthwaite Scholarship Award
Hanna Saxon Piano Scholarship provided by the Chopin Foundation
   of the U.S.
Bidù Sayão Scholarship
Joseph M. Scannella Trumpet Scholarship
Beatrice Schacher-Myers Scholarship
Pamela J. Schleicher Scholarship in Piano
William and Casiana Schmidt Scholarship
Minnie and David Schoenholtz Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Harold and Helene Schonberg Scholarship
Schuld-Jacobs Organ Scholarship
Frances Schuman Scholarship Fund
Jonathan M. Schwartz Memorial Scholarship
Yolanda Sardi Schwartzman Scholarship Fund
Jody and Gerard Schwarz Scholarship
Bernard P. and Leigh M. Seder Scholarship
Martin E. Segal Scholarship
Alan Seidler Scholarship in Composition
Marian Seldes Drama Scholarship
John Seregi Scholarship in Piano
Pauline and Arthur Shaffer Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Rena Robbins Shapiro Memorial Scholarship in Cello
Peter Jay Sharp Piano Scholarship
Louis Shatanoff Memorial Scholarship
Abraham Sheingold Voice Scholarship
Elizabeth S. Sheppard Scholarship
George L. Shields Memorial Scholarship
Georgia Shreve Scholarship in Composition
Shubert Scholars
Alexander Siloti Scholarship
Lena Silverman and Gertrude Cohen Memorial Violin Scholarship
Mel Silverman Drama Scholarship
Mel Silverman Opera Scholarship
Samuel Simon Scholarship
Anne Lorraine Hopkins Simpson Scholarship
Eleanor Aller Slatkin Scholarship
Louis Smadbeck Scholarship
Dr. David L. Smiley Memorial Scholarship
Arline J. Smith Scholarship
Dorothy Rogers Smith Scholarship
Elisabeth Smith Scholarship
Lois Claire Archbold Smith Scholarships
Peter and Jonathan Sobel Scholarship
Bernard Soman Scholarship
Stephen E. Somers Scholarship
Songwriters Guild Foundation/Ervin Drake Memorial Scholarship
Songwriters Guild Foundation/Ann Ruckert Memorial Scholarship
Janice Dana Spear Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Louis Spencer and Zylpha Allen Spencer Scholarship
Winifred Sperry Scholarship in Piano
Evelyn and Phil Spitalny Scholarship Award
James Stais Scholarship in Drama
Starling Foundation Dorothy DeLay Violin Scholarship Fund
Starling Foundation Scholarships in Violin
C.V. Starr Foundation Scholarships
C.V. Starr Foundation Doctoral Fellowship
Marion R. Steckler Scholarship
Evelyn Steinberg Scholarship
Harold and Mimi Steinberg Scholarship
Gitta Steiner Memorial Fund
John and Henry Steinway Scholarship
Herbert Stessin Piano Scholarship
Edward Steuermann Prize
Risë Stevens Scholarship
John M. Stix Scholarship
Hannah and Leonard Stone Foundation Scholarship
Harold Stone Drama Scholarship
Morris and Elfriede Stonzek Memorial Scholarship
Otto G. Storm Scholarships
Donald Strahl Scholarship
Alice Kobler Straschil Scholarship
Billy Strayhorn Memorial Scholarship
Marion Sunshine Scholarship
Tomodachi Suntory Scholars
Surdna Foundation Scholarships
Vivian Roe Sweet Scholarship
Lulu E. Sweigard Memorial Scholarship in Dance
Helen Pierson Swindall Scholarship
Albert Szirmai Scholarship


Marjorie Tallman Memorial Scholarship in Dance
Sabina and Samuel Taranow Scholarship in Voice
Paul Taylor Scholarship
Samuel L. and Lillian G. Tedlow Voice Scholarship
Teplitsky Memorial Fund
THOBA Corporation Scholarship Fund
Three Arts Club Scholarship
George Courtney Todd Memorial Scholarship in Violin
The Tomoko Scholarship
Toulmin Foundation Scholarship
Jennie Tourel Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Edward F. Treutel Scholarship in Trumpet
Troupers Scholarships in Dance and Drama
Hans J. Heinz and Tatiana Troyanos Memorial Scholarship
25th Anniversary Drama Scholarship
Michael Tuch Scholarship
Alice Tully Scholarship
Abraham and Ruth Turkenich Piano Scholarship
Robert E. Turner Memorial Piano Scholarship
George G. Ulmer Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Julius I. and Rebecca Unger Memorial Scholarship
William Vacchiano Award in Trumpet
Joseph E. and Grace W. Valentine Scholarship
Elizabeth Van Dyck Memorial Scholarship
Margaret D. Vega Memorial Scholarship
The George and Marie Vergottis Scholarship
LoRaine Kent Vichey Memorial Scholarship
Mary H. Vinton Jazz Scholarship
Paul Vinton II Jazz Guitar Scholarship
Virginia J. Wagner Scholarship
Bruno Walter Memorial Scholarships in Conducting
Nelly Walter Scholarship
Erik Walz Scholarship
Jim Wargowsky Fund in Music
Gordon Ronald Watkins Scholarship
Cecille Weber Scholarship
Cecille Weber Memorial Scholarship
Elisabeth and Joseph Weber Scholarship
George A. Wedge Prize
Charles E. Weekes Scholarship
Renee Weiler Memorial Scholarships
Ruth F. Meyers Weinberg Scholarship
Alice D. Weiner Classical Music Scholarship
Emanuel and Blanche Weinstock Scholarship
Herbert Weinstock and Ben Meiselman Memorial Scholarship
The Adrian Weller Scholarship
Jan and Bertha Werter Scholarships
Wertheimer Fellowship for Piano and Guitar
Robert White Scholarship in Vocal Studies
Joseph Willens Scholarship in Double Bass
Alfred Williams, Jr. Scholarship in Violin
Frederic Houston Williams Scholarship
Robert Neff Williams Scholarship
Robin Williams Scholarship
Andrew Willoughby Scholarship
Dorothy and Jeanette Winter Scholarship
Ethel Winter Dance Scholarship
Kurt Wolf Scholarship
Anita Keal Wolkowitz Scholarship
Fanya Woll Scholarship
Stephen Wolosonovich Scholarship
Kurt and Maria Wolter Scholarship
Helen Marshall Woodward Scholarship in Voice
Irene Worth Scholarship
Cecil Yarbrough Scholarship
Lucille and Jack Yellen Scholarship
Loo Yuin How Yin (Class of 1938) Scholarships
Connie and Jesse Colin Young Scholarship
Charlotte Ross Zand Scholarship
Olia and Michael Zetkin Scholarship in Voice
Henrietta and Albert J. Ziegle, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Avedis Zildjian Percussion Scholarship
Frederick Zimmerman Scholarship in Double Bass
John S. Zinsser, Jr. Scholarship
Aspasia Zoumas Scholarship