Inside Look at Juilliard Drama


On September 27, 2012, Ovation Society members and guests were treated to an “Inside Look” at the life of a Juilliard actor through observing three different classes: Movement, Singing, and Voice/Text Integration.

James Houghton, Richard Rodgers Director of the Drama Division, welcomes guests before heading off to the classroom observations.

Third-year actors doing vocal warm-ups with faculty member Deborah Lapidus as part of the singing class.

Third-year actors practicing stage movement in Danyon Davis's class.

Faculty member Kate Wilson leads fourth-year actors in a practice reading from Shakespeare's King John as part of the Voice Poetry class.

From left: Ovation Society member Mary Flannery and Jeff Burns with Wallis Currie-Wood (Drama Group 43).

Austin Smith (Drama Group 43) with Katherine and Raymond Sawyer of the Juilliard Drama Council.

Ovation Society member Nancy Maniscalco (left) with Anne Webre.

Sybil Pinkus and Linda Roberts (back), with Ovation Society member Emma Gruber (right) and her guests.

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