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William David Fastenow is a technologist, educator, and entrepreneur. Projects include performance technology design for Basetrack Live (En Garde Arts); a re-imagination of Radio Music (by John Cage) for internet radio and Twitter; designing audio and visual systems for playing air guitar in the Airband (with Langdon C. Crawford); creating 3D sound design for Royal Soundscapes (Morrow Sound, Denmark); and record/mix engineering for film and music including the award-winning Monica & David (documentary by Alexandra Codina), Graceland (feature film by Ron Morales) and Baby Beau Blue (album by A.J. Shanti). Fastenow is principal and owner of Park Boulevard Productions, adjunct professor in the Tonmeister Honors Track at New York University, and a guest lecturer in performance technology design at N.Y.U. Abu Dhabi and the Atlantic Music Festival. He holds an MM degree from Manhattan School of Music.