Mixing Up the 15th and 21st Centuries in 'Everybody'

Tuesday, Nov 07, 2017
Juilliard Journal
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Leigha Sinnott, Danya Taymor, Fala Chen
Leigha Sinnott, director Danya Taymor, and Fala Chen

Works in Process: Drama

Hot on the heels of Drama’s spectacular 50th anniversary celebration and homecoming weekend last month, the fourth-year students began rehearsing their latest production in earnest. Everybody, a contemporary take on the 15th-century morality play Everyman, was written by faculty member Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (Playwrights ’14); it was commissioned for the Signature Theatre by late Drama Division head James Houghton. The character of Everybody is chosen from the cast by lottery at each performance. At the rehearsal pictured, which took place at the Signature, the cast members and director checked out the scenic model, which was designed by Amy Rubin.

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Scenic model
The scenic model
Fala Chen
Fala Chen
Libby McKnight
Libby McKnight
Chen, Taymor, Sinnott, and Colleen Sherry
Chen, Taymor, Sinnott, and Colleen Sherry (at the stage management table)