End of Summer Report, Office of Facilities Management

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020
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End of Summer Report
Office of Facilities Management
Cameron Christensen, AVP Facilities


Juilliard’s Facilities Department has undertaken and completed significant work since March to assess and improve building conditions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with particular attention to issues of airflow and ventilation. 

Section I of this memo, Reentry Work, summarizes the activities the Facilities team has undertaken— studies and assessments, projects, and operational improvements—to prepare for reoccupancy of the Diamond and Rose buildings this fall.

Section II is a list of projects undertaken to enable needed EdTech and IT upgrades.

Section III lists other capital improvements, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance projects undertaken this summer to begin to reverse built-up deferred maintenance issues and establish more normal routines for addressing capital needs. 

Projects designated with a * are in progress and near completion.

I. Reentry Work 

A. Reentry Studies and Assessments 

  1. Engineering Gap Assessment. Outside experts from the consulting engineering firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) assessed our existing conditions, operations, and proposed plans against their COVID reentry checklist. They identified areas that required improvement in consultation with the Facilities Working Group, artistic leadership, the Reopening Steering Committee, and senior staff. Many of the remaining studies, projects, and operational improvements have been undertaken as a result of their recommendations.   

  1. Diamond Building Ventilation Study. Using several newly purchased devices, our in-house building engineers conducted a comprehensive study of the ventilation systems in the Diamond Building and calculated the amount of air circulating in each of our spaces. Using JLL recommendations of a minimum of 3 air changes per hour (ACH) and a target of 4-6 ACH, Facilities prepared a report that pinpointed areas in need of improvement.   

  1. Diamond Building Capacity Assessment. Working with many campus stakeholders and based on scientifically validated research about social distancing by genre and by instrument, Facilities evaluated every classroom, teaching studio, and rehearsal room in the Diamond Building to determine maximum capacity across all applicable social distancing configurations. These findings were plotted on building floor plans and distributed among all artistic leadership and their divisions as well as the registrar for planning in-person group work during Blocks 2 and 3 and beyond.   

  1. Rose Building Testing and Balancing Survey. At Juilliard’s request, Lincoln Center engaged an independent testing company to survey readings of the ventilation system throughout the Rose Building spaces (Phase I: residence hall floors; Phase II: all other floors) and provide a report of its findings. 

B. Reentry Projects—Diamond Building 

  1. Room Ventilation Improvements. Building engineers are working to address the spaces in the building identified in the Ventilation Study as having airflow issues. When the work is done, all spaces will be tested to ascertain the minimum 3 ACH /target 4-6 ACH. All spaces will thereafter be placed on a regular testing and preventative maintenance regimen.*  

  1. Air Purifier Installation. We have added multistage HEPA and germicidal-inhibiting air purification units in the Diamond Building where needed. 

  1. Outside Air Damper Rehabilitation. We are rehabbing and completing replacement of 13 outside air dampers, allowing a blend of fresh and recirculated air.*   

  1. Variable Speed Drive Upgrades. We are installing variable speed drives on air handling units to allow the fans to self-adjust to provide the optimal amount of ventilation required throughout their zones.*   

  1. Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat Installation. We are replacing the pneumatic thermostats on the third, fourth, and fifth floors to be digital wireless thermostats that read and report temperature and humidity to the central building automation system. Faculty members will have individualized climate control over their classrooms and studios.* 

  1. Humidifier Repairs. We have completed repairs to building humidification systems.   

  1. Building Automation System Upgrade. We are upgrading the building automation system that controls the HVAC systems to provide more up-to-date information and a mobile interface for more rapid attention.*   

  1. Elevator Ventilation Improvements. We are upgrading the ventilation units in the elevators as needed to improve airflow inside the cabs. 

  1. Touchless Restroom Upgrade. We have upgraded restrooms in the Diamond Building to touchless systems including flushometers, faucets, and paper towel dispensers.  

  1. New Bike Room. We have repurposed the ID room space to create bike parking inside the Diamond Building, supplementing available bicycle parking across 65th Street in the Lincoln Center garage. 

  1. Building Entry Sequences. Facilities, Public Safety, Human Resources, IT, Lincoln Center, and other departments have collaborated to develop and implement new screening, temperature scanning, and mask-wearing procedures for the Diamond and Rose buildings.   

  1. Building Signage and Wayfinding. Facilities and Public Affairs have developed and installed signage throughout the building to communicate safety and hygiene best practices, directional arrows, building rules, and wayfinding information. 

  1. Stairwell Aesthetic Improvements. In an effort to encourage more stair use and help de-densifying the elevators, we have enhanced the stairwells with new paint and better lighting.   

  1. Expanded Reporting System for Custodial Attention or Repair. We are expanding the current Restroom Alert system to an additional 200+ rooms throughout the Diamond Building including practice rooms, classrooms, teaching studios, and rehearsal rooms. This system provides building users with an immediate way to communicate with Facilities about areas that require custodial, maintenance, or repair work.*   

C. Reentry Projects—Rose Building 

  1. Residence Hall Temporary Walls Installation. We have installed 44 temporary walls and fire sprinklers in the living rooms of the residence hall suites, creating additional sleeping rooms and allowing all residential students their own private sleeping space.   

  1. Residence Hall Window Repairs. We have repaired 92 windows in the Residence Hall to allow for greater circulation of fresh air in residential rooms and gathering spaces.     

  1. Residence Hall Air Purifier Installation. We have added multistage HEPA and germicidal inhibiting air purification units to each of the 44 resident suites.   

  1. Residence Hall Isolation Room Setups. In consultation with the school’s medical experts and Residence Life team, we have created additional isolation rooms with safety curtains and additional air purification units to house students with suspected or confirmed infections.   

  1. Rose Building 22nd Floor Touchless Faucets. We are installing touchless faucets on the 22nd floor in the Student Health suite. 

D. Reentry—Procedural and Operational Improvements 

  1. Enhanced Cleaning Procedures. We have revised and enhanced the cleaning procedures to provide more disinfection throughout the Diamond and Rose buildings, with special attention to touchpoints (handrails, elevator buttons, doorknobs, shared keyboard instruments and mallets, ballet barres, shared tech equipment, and more).   

  1. Special Disinfection Protocols. We have worked with COVID response manager on procedures to close off, disinfect, and reopen rooms that may have been occupied by an infected individual. 

  1. Institutional PPE Centralization. We are assessing and procuring sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to be available for centralized distribution and tracking.  

  1. Specialty Masks and Instrument Covers. We are collaborating with the Provost’s Office, artistic division leadership, and the store to procure and distribute sample specialty masks and instrument covers.*   

  1. Designated Queuing and Elevator Use. We have worked with Lincoln Center to establish a dedicated queue and elevator for Juilliard’s exclusive use in the Rose Building.

II. EdTech and IT Enabling Projects 

  1. IT Ethernet Upgrades. In support of the Office of Information Technology’s upgrade of the Diamond Building ethernet network, the Facilities staff will run 30+ miles of cable throughout the fifth floor.*   

  1. Diamond Building Livestreaming & Recording Project Improvements. In support of the Recording Department’s livestreaming and recording project, the Facilities staff will complete requested room renovations, cable pulls, lighting upgrades, and other required building elements.*

III. Other Projects 

  1. Ellen and James S. Marcus Vocal Arts Studio Renovation. We are supporting a total renovation of the Marcus Vocal Arts studio.*   

  1. Classroom Renovation. In accordance with user preferences stated in the 2019-20 survey, all 11 classrooms in the Diamond Building have now been renovated to include new carpet, new paint, new dimmable lighting, and new bilevel shades. Funding has been reserved for new furniture and classroom technology once in-person classroom instruction resumes.  

  1. Carpet Replacement. We have replaced more than 60,000 square feet of carpet on the fourth and fifth floors of the Diamond Building, providing a cleaner environment using sustainable materials.   

  1. Paul Hall Screen Replacement. We have replaced the roll-down screen in Paul Hall.   

  1. Diamond Building Venue Lighting Improvements. In collaboration with the Production Department, Facilities is supporting lighting upgrades in several venues with electrical infrastructure and other building elements required for this work.*   

  1. Travertine Repairs. We are continuing work on the repairs to the facade of the Diamond Building.*   

  1. Fire Alarm System Code Upgrades. We are designing a phased replacement of the Diamond Building fire alarm panels and system.*   

  1. Plumbing Isolation Valve Assessment. We are assessing all plumbing isolation valves in the Diamond Building for easier repair and for better response to water emergencies without requiring that all the water in the building be shut off.*   

  1. Loading Dock Rehabilitation. We have replaced the ramp and bumpers in the loading dock.