Health and Safety Updates and Reminders

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020
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Dear Students,

As we are now about halfway through Block 1, I want to thank you all once again for demonstrating such a strong commitment to the health and safety of your fellow community members. Thanks to your cooperation, the semester is off to a successful and productive start. We ask that you continue to demonstrate your respect and caring for each other and our work by carefully following the safety standards as outlined in the Community Pledge. In the meantime, planning continues for Block 2 and beyond.

This message includes new information and updates for the weeks ahead, including:

  • What to do if you have virus symptoms or suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Student Travel Rules
  • Block 2 Quarantine Rules
  • Updated Block 2 Testing Plan
  • Outdoor Spaces/Designated Eating Locations
  • Practice Room and Other Diamond Building Updates
  • Resources Updates
  • Facilities Updates

At the bottom, there are also several reminders about our commitments to each other, building access procedures, and resources for all students.

Please read all of this information carefully. If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected] at any time.

Adam Meyer


What to do if you have virus symptoms or suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19  
In order to comply with current state regulations, all Juilliard students, staff, and faculty who test positive for COVID-19 are REQUIRED to report their test results to the school. To do so, you must follow these two important steps:

1.    Students should immediately contact Health Services at (212) 799-5000, ext. 282 or email [email protected] during the workday. If it is after hours or on the weekend, please contact the Student Development staff member on-call at 1-866-885-7227.

Faculty and staff should contact Human Resources at [email protected].

2.    Fill out the COVID-19 Reporting Form. This form may also be used to request assistance if you suspect that you or another Juilliard community member may have been infected or exposed to COVID-19 or if you have symptoms (including but not limited to coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell). Please be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached.

These steps will alert Juilliard’s COVID response team and connect you, and anyone with whom you have been in contact, with important resources and information, and it will also allow the school to take steps to further protect the community. Other people will only be updated on a need-to-know basis.

The school has hired three administrative staff to assist with services related to our COVID response management. Addie Johnson is serving as the COVID Response Coordinator, providing essential communication, routing, and administrative support for Juilliard students, faculty, and staff. Addie will also provide administrative support to the Office of Health Services, including assistance with the school’s daily mandatory New York State COVID-19 reporting. Brian Shaw and Maya Hamlet recently joined the residence life team to assist with meal delivery and other accommodations being provided for residential students during and post-quarantine.   
Student Travel Rules
Due to evolving travel restrictions, it is important we know when students are traveling out of the tristate region (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). Effective immediately, anyone who has already returned to campus is REQUIRED fill out this Student Travel Form to document their destination(s) and travel schedule outside the tristate region.

Other important travel information includes:  

  • To limit risk of exposure to the virus, we are strongly discouraging any nonessential travel during or between Blocks 1 and 2 or during the Thanksgiving break. As noted above, if you do travel out of the tristate area, you are required to fill out the travel form.
  • Before planning any travel, all students should be aware of any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements imposed or recommended by the CDC or New York State.
  • International students should contact the Office of International Advisement ([email protected]) before making any international travel plans.

Block 2 Quarantine Rules
At this time, the quarantine rules that applied for Block 1 will continue for those returning in time for Block 2. All students who have spent time in the 14 days prior to arrival to Juilliard in states designated as “restricted” or are coming from international points of departure must quarantine in a non-restricted state for two weeks before entering the Diamond Building. The list of restricted states changes on a daily basis and should be checked frequently.

Specific information for residential students can be found on the website and has been communicated by the Office of Residence Life. You will receive an invitation to attend an information session in preparation for Block 2. In the meantime, please contact the Office of Residence Life with questions, [email protected].

These rules are subject to change as governmental guidelines and the situation in New York City evolve, and you should make your travel plans accordingly.

Block 2 Testing Plan
Juilliard currently requires that all students and faculty who have in-person interaction with students be tested in their home communities prior to coming to campus—this requirement also applies to those arriving in time for Block 2 or 3. This testing will help prevent anyone from unknowingly bringing the virus with them and give us a baseline understanding of the status of our community. Your test must be a PCR (nasal swab or saliva) COVID-19 diagnostic test, not an antibody test. This test must take place within 10 days prior to your initial return to campus and results must be provided before you arrive on campus. If you are doing your quarantine in the Residence Hall, you should test prior to your Residence Hall move-in date. If you are living off campus and are required to quarantine, you should test after your quarantine has finished. (This is a change from the previous procedure, which required a test 10-14 days prior to initial return to campus.) Students must electronically send a scan or photo of their negative test result to Student Health Services ([email protected]) or upload it into Medicat (located in OKTA). Faculty should contact HR for further instructions. Information about how to get a test can be found on our website. These requirements are subject to change pending updated health guidance from local officials or health professionals.

We continue to work with our medical consultants and partners in the community to determine appropriate ongoing testing strategies.

Outdoor Spaces/Designated Eating Locations
Lincoln Center has opened outdoor spaces for individual use, with a designated area exclusively for Juilliard community members. Our space is a weather-protected balcony overlooking Amsterdam Avenue at the plaza level, right behind the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. It is reserved for Juilliard from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday-Friday at least through the end of October. You can access this area by crossing the President’s Bridge and then walking toward Amsterdam Avenue on the plaza level. There are tables and chairs as well as access to Lincoln Center campus WiFi, so you can enjoy an outdoor break or take an online class. Please be advised that there is no power source in this location, so please be sure your devices are charged.

For indoor eating in the Diamond Building, we have designated spaces in the Peter Jay Sharp Theater Lobby, in the Morse Student Lounge next to the café, and on the third, fourth, and fifth floors along the Broadway windows.

Please be considerate of others and limit your stay in these seats to 15-20 minutes, and please wipe down the tables and chairs before and after you eat. Always remember to wash your hands before and after eating.

Practice Room and Other Diamond Building Resources Updates
Practice Room Reservations: Students who have been approved to access the Diamond Building in Block 1 may still reserve up to four hours of practice room space per day. However, to allow for more flexibility for students to practice in between their remote classes, some spaces are now available to be reserved for two-hour increments. To view which rooms are available at what times, please refer to ASIMUT. Rooms must still sit empty for one hour in between each reservation to allow for air to circulate. Practice rooms slots are only available until 10pm each day. Arrangements for practice rooms in the Rose Building will be announced soon.

The Library and the Store continue to offer pickup service at the 66th Street Juilliard Store entrance on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am to 4pm. Limited library hours and in-person resources for Block 2 will be announced soon.

While the second floor IT Lab is currently closed, we are exploring whether it can be made accessible during Block 1. The Center for Innovation in the Arts lab will remain closed for Block 1.

Facilities Updates
Juilliard’s Facilities Department has assessed and significantly improved building conditions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Diamond building we have improved ventilation/air quality, humidification, and building controls. In the Rose Building residence hall, we have made necessary repairs to windows, added air purifiers, increased professional cleanings and disinfections, and created additional single sleeping spaces for residential students for regular and quarantine periods. You can read about building improvements here.
Community Pledge
The health and safety of the Juilliard community is our first priority, and this global health crisis requires all of us to commit to following the protocols collected into Juilliard’s Community Pledge. Please review the Community Pledge carefully, as each member of our community has a responsibility to know and adhere to all safety standards, policies, and procedures. Students who have been approved to come to campus in Block 1 have been asked to commit to this Pledge, and students returning for Block 2 and 3 will be asked to do the same. Further information for those students will be provided prior to Block 2.

Attendance Support
The Juilliard faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that all students have the support they need to attend and successfully complete their online course work. If you need help due to conditions at home or in your local community, please communicate your needs directly with your faculty member. If you need further support, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Academic Affairs office or, if you need help with a documentable disability, the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services.

Block 1 Building Access
Building access in Block 1 continues to be by approval only. Please see the website for details; questions may be sent to [email protected]

Block 2 Online-Only Requests
Students who face difficulties getting to New York for Block 2 have until Wednesday, October 7, to request to complete Block 2 fully online. You can find this form here. For students who choose this option, all Block 2 work will be done online, including performance-based, technique, rehearsal, and small-group studio work. This may mean that some Block 2 performance work is replaced by individual projects or written/research projects at the discretion of the student’s department.

It’s not too late for students and faculty in the college to utilize their $150 credit in the Juilliard Store to purchase technology and remote learning products from a designated list. More information can be found here. This list of equipment offered at a discount includes a range of basic items such as USB microphones, headphones, ethernet cables, webcams, portable lighting, squares of marley floors for dancers, and more. Additional financial support specifically for equipment will be made available through the Financial Aid office for those students who demonstrate need.


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