Make a Difference With Scholarship Support

Tuesday, Dec 08, 2020
Juilliard Journal
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Masked string players in an orchestra rehearsal
Juilliard Chamber Orchestra rehearsal

Juilliard’s annual year-end fundraising campaign for unrestricted and scholarship support continues through December 31. With 90 percent of our students receiving financial aid, every dollar makes a difference. Call (212) 799-5000, ext. 278, or make your gift at

“Especially in this crisis, it’s nice to feel that someone will be there to support me as I pursue my love of music. With your scholarship support, I am able to continue pursing my musical studies to help my community and become a better musician.”
—Pre-College pianist Sophia Kim holds the Takako Saegusa Scholarship

“My mentors remind me that it takes a village to raise a musician. By offering me your support, you have become part of this village, part of the community of people to whom I am extremely grateful for giving me their shoulders to stand on so I can reach for my dreams.”
—First-year cello master’s student Leland Ko holds the Dr. David L. Smiley Memorial Scholarship

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