NEW COVID-19 Information and Reminders

Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021
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Dear students,

We are extremely grateful that the overall prevalence of COVID-19 in New York continues to decrease and the city continues to reopen. While our cases at Juilliard remain low overall, our testing protocol continues to detect a small number of new cases each week, which we believe to be caused by the following:

  • Post-spring break travel.
  • Student attendance at off-campus gatherings where distancing is not possible.

All such cases have been isolated and contact tracing has been completed. If you have not been contacted about a recent case, you have not been deemed a close contact and don’t need to quarantine.

When we become aware of situations that violate our Community Pledge, we are addressing them through the student code of conduct.

Please remember, as we have stressed many times, that off-campus activities are risky. Taking part in activities where proper distancing is not possible or where masks are not worn endangers the community and puts our entire in-person program in jeopardy. Although the city and state are allowing venues such as restaurants, bars, and movie theaters to open more fully, going into these spaces is a choice that we discourage for the time being. We ask everyone to use their common sense and not enter a venue that does not meet Juilliard’s standards for COVID safety. As we have all agreed in the Community Pledge, “We will be vigilant when off campus. We will follow all safety guidelines and avoid crowds, parties, and any other situations where physical distancing is not possible.”

In addition, I want to remind everyone that you are required to fill out the student travel form for ANY travel, not just during school breaks. This allows us to advise you on any quarantine and testing requirements associated with traveling. Once you have filled out the travel form, a member of our Covid Response Team will instruct you regarding any further requirements. This is especially important as the state-issued guidelines around domestic and international travel continue to change frequently. Students who travel without filling out the required form will be subject to sanctions under the code of conduct, including but not limited to loss of building privileges.

As a reminder, if you travel and are subject to post-travel quarantine requirements, you must quarantine off-campus.

I also urge you to take individual responsibility for the other people who are impacted by these choices. We have not only our fellow classmates, faculty, and staff to consider, but also all our housemates and families.

The positive news about the lowering rates of positivity and the increasing availability of vaccines may lead us to think we can let down our guard. However, even as we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the virus remains a serious threat to our health and our ability to work together in person.

Below you will find additional information regarding:

  • Navigating New York City during reopening  

Please be safe! We have exciting plans for this spring, and we all look forward to the opportunities that a reopening can bring, but we must get there together. Thank you all again for your hard work and dedication.


Adam Meyer

N​​​avigating New York City During Reopening

While the number of new cases in New York City continues to drop, we urge you to exercise caution when navigating the city. Specifically:   

  • Avoid eating and drinking indoors at restaurants and bars except with members of your own household, even if indoor dining is allowed in your community.
  • Follow all safety protocols in the Community Pledge at all times.
  • Pay special attention to how you wear your mask(s). As previously noted, the CDC has announced updated research about the importance of wearing properly fitted masks and the benefits of wearing two masks in some cases.
  • Practice good hygiene—wash your hands and/or use sanitizer when coming into contact with commonly touched surfaces or any time before touching your face, eating, or drinking.