Isabel Lau | Life After Juilliard

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021
Juilliard Journal
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Bridging art and science

Little did I know life after Juilliard could be so dynamic and unpredictable. I am now pursuing dentistry as a Doctor of Dental Medicine candidate at Roseman University (class of 2023). While dentistry may seem like a tangential trajectory from cello, it is actually a cultivation of another dimension into my craft by allowing me to augment my artistry beyond the stage to the clinical forefront. I feel that I have finally realized and embraced what it is like to be an artist as a citizen, and I thank Juilliard for that.

My time at Juilliard was very internal and introspective, one in which I reflected on what I could do to contribute more ripples of impact around me. Juilliard fosters a positive environment, encouraging us to create social and civic impact that embraces humanity and pursues its betterment. Through cello and Juilliard, I have found the bridge between art and science that is meaningful. Dental surgery encompasses fine motor dexterity, artistic sense, and the clinical sciences, while simultaneously emphasizing the dissemination of oral health awareness and care to the public. The spirit of an artist as a citizen will continue to live in me as I go on this journey. So far, it has been wonderful.

Isabel Lau (BM ’16, cello)