Students Reflect: Dancer Gillian Alexander

Thursday, Aug 03, 2023
Juilliard Journal
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Gillian Alexander on stage performing and behind her are percussionists, lending a sense of interdisciplinary collaboration
Gillian Alexander, ChoreoComp 2022

Students Look Back on a Truly Magical Year

We asked students—some graduating, some staying on—to write about the 2022-23 school year for this collection of recaps of artistic, academic, and social highlights, top takeaways, surprises, summer plans, and more. Keep an eye out throughout the summer for entries from other students.

Least surprising
How much fun it would be to live with my best friend! I got lucky with my first-year roommate, Corah, and I was so excited to room with her again—I knew we’d make crazy new memories.


  • My process for Choreographers and Composers last fall—I was in a wonderful piece choreographed by Jordyn Hubbs and composed by [doctoral composer] Aidan Gold.
  • Spirit Day! I got tacos and gelato, and Corah and I got to build our own stuffed penguins!
  • Dancing alongside the second-, third-, and fourth-years in Spring Dances—our amazing group performed Camille A. Brown’s City of Rain.

Biggest surprise
The rigor of my schedule. I was aware of how many classes I would be taking and the lengths of my rehearsals, but the amount of dancing you’re actually doing is so much more than your body and mind would expect in ways that can be hard sometimes but also in the best ways.

Scholarship support
If I didn’t have scholarship support, I wouldn’t be able to get the professional training I’m getting.

Second-year dancer Gillian Alexander returned home to Orlando this summer to teach dance and choreograph; she also attended the Jacob’s Pillow contemporary program

These pieces are adapted from a special feature that originally appeared in the Summer 2023 issue of the Juilliard Journal