Jimonn Cole | Meeting New Faculty

Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024
Juilliard Journal
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Meet some of the recent additions to our faculty.

Jimonn Cole (Group 26) returned to Juilliard in 2020 as the Drama Division’s inaugural teaching fellow and subsequently joined the faculty. He teaches First Year Improvisation and Scene Study with Richard Feldman (faculty 1987–present) as well as Acting for Dancers, and he directed last spring’s third-year production of Charles Mee’s Wintertime.

Being on the faculty vs. being a student

As a student, I had no idea how much conversation and consideration from faculty went into my journey through the program. I knew they discussed us in faculty meetings but didn’t realize how much time is spent considering each actor’s needs. Also, as a student, I had no connection to the Dance Division besides the friends I made in the dorm and cafeteria. Now I get to work with the dancers exploring some of the building blocks that actors work with in their first year. Collaboration between programs is something I’ve supported since studying here. The increased awareness, increased listening, and capacity for understanding [that come from it] lead to more well-rounded artists.

Advice for students

Let go of any insecurities about whether you’re good enough. You’ve demonstrated talent, skill, and artistry that you and your family should be proud of. Use your time here to build on your gift. Listen and absorb everything you can from every positive resource and artist you come into contact with from every division.

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