Resident Quartet Named

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
Juilliard Journal
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Four musicians stand outdoors holding their string instruments. They are smiling and dressed casually. The group includes two violinists, one violist, and one cellist. They appear relaxed and happy, enjoying each other's company in a casual setting.
Jérôme Chiasson, Celia Morin, Maya Enstad, and Jeanel Liang

The Katarina String Quartet, a Canadian ensemble formed in 2022, has been named Juilliard’s graduate resident string quartet. Violinists Jeanel Liang and Jérôme Chiasson, violist Celia Morin, and cellist Maya Enstad will begin their two-year residency in September.

With a name inspired by Katarina Guarneri, the wife of violinmaker Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, the quartet, which formed at McGill University in Montreal, pays tribute to lesser-known women whose uncredited contributions have helped paved the way in the creation of classical music for centuries. The quartet plans to pursue repertoire and projects that intersect with their musical and moral values, with a focus on fostering inclusivity, sustainability, and accessibility.

As Lisa Arnhold Fellows during their time at Juilliard, the quartet members will give a recital—this season on May 7—coach regularly with the Juilliard String Quartet, and participate in the Juilliard String Quartet Seminar, also in May. They will also assist the JSQ with its ensemble and chamber music instruction, coach other student ensembles, and assist with the first year String Quartet Survey class.

The members of the most recent Juilliard quartet in residence, the Ivalas, received their Juilliard artist diplomas at commencement. Other graduate string quartets in residence have included the Aeolus, Afiara, Attacca, Avalon, Biava, Calder, Cassatt, Chiara, Corigliano, Essex, Lark, Maia, Magellan (now Whitman), Miró, St. Lawrence, Shanghai, Ulysses, and Verona.

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