Juilliard Sponsored Travel

While Juilliard encourages participation in off-campus programs and events that enrich a student’s academic and professional experience, the School imposes certain requirements on students who travel in connection with Juilliard-sponsored activities. Students must complete these requirements if the program or event:​​​​​

  • Takes place outside the five boroughs of New York City, regardless of whether an overnight stay is involved;
  • Has a sponsoring department or was otherwise organized by Juilliard;
  • Involves School-provided or School-organized transportation and/or accommodations;
  • Is paid for or financed by the School; and
  • Has an individual (usually from the originating Juilliard department) designated as a “Trip Leader.”

All students traveling in connection with a Juilliard-sponsored program or event meeting the above criteria must register for the trip prior to their departure by submitting appropriate documentation to the sponsoring department. In order to complete the registration process, all student participants must: a) comply with the requirements set forth below in the Juilliard Sponsored Travel Protocol; and b) review, acknowledge and sign the Travel Liability Waiver. Required registration for a trip will not be valid until the signed form is returned to the sponsoring department.

Student Requirements for Juilliard Sponsored Travel

For international travel, students should be aware of relevant travel alerts and advisories. For additional information, please contact the Office of International Advisement or email [email protected].

NOTE: Prior to departure, sponsoring departments should send copies of the completed forms to [email protected] or [email protected] using OneDrive.

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