Sexual Misconduct Policy

The Juilliard School is committed to an academic, residential and work environment free from sexual misconduct and other forms of unlawful discrimination.  Sexual misconduct, which includes acts of sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other forms of unlawful discrimination, is prohibited by Juilliard’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Adjudication Procedure, as well as by federal and state law.  If there is a finding that any form of sexual misconduct in violation of this Policy has occurred, Juilliard will take appropriate action, including, when appropriate, dismissal from the School or termination of employment.

Juilliard is required to designate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with federal laws governing sexual misconduct, including Title IX.  

Juilliard’s Title IX Coordinator is:

Camille Pajor
The Juilliard School
60 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023-6588

All members of the Juilliard community should read the full Sexual Misconduct Policy (revised January 2018). You can privately email a report directly to the Title IX Coordinator by clicking this link: (Please note that if you are logged into MyJuilliard, you will need to log out before you can fill out the form.) The Coordinator, or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator, will respond to you as soon as possible. Should you this be an immediate emergency, you should call 911.

The Juilliard School’s 2016 Sexual Violence Campus Climate Survey

In Spring 2016, The Juilliard School administered a sexual misconduct campus climate survey. The survey was designed to gather information about students’ personal experiences at Juilliard and to understand students’ perception of Juilliard’s efforts to prevent and respond to reports of sexual misconduct. The survey was sent to the entire Juilliard student population via email. Two hundred and fifteen (215) students responded, representing approximately 25% of the student body. Many of the questions included in the survey asked students to share how they felt about the resources available for victims of sexual misconduct and about training on sexual misconduct policies and procedures for the entire School community.  Some of those responses are listed below.  

  • 72.25% of students agreed that Juilliard is doing a good job of educating students about sexual assault.
  • 78.61% of students reported attending a training on Juilliard’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Adjudication Policy.
  • 74.47% of students agreed that Juilliard is doing a good job of trying to prevent sexual assault from happening.
  • 91.89% of students agreed that if they made a report of sexual assault, Juilliard would take that report seriously.

For more information, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

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