Core Experiences

  • Courses

    All students in the BFA and BM degree programs are required to complete a minimum of 24 credits in the Liberal Arts. Qualified students enroll in a three-semester core curriculum program which introduces them to a cross-cultural range of texts, traditions, and issues and emphasizes critical thinking and writing throughout. Students may also pursue electives in such fields as art history, creative writing, literature, African-American studies, American and European history, gender, philosophy, and the environment. Juilliard also offers courses in four modern foreign languages: French, German, Italian, and Russian. Most students take electives in the third and fourth years but may take them earlier. All Liberal Arts courses are conducted in small seminars to foster participation and a spirit of inquiry. Eligible students may also cross-register for certain courses at Columbia and Barnard Colleges.

Writing and Communication Center

The Writing and Communication Center invites you to collaborate with peer tutors to develop skills in academic reading, writing, and public speaking.  Services include one-on-one tutoring sessions; videotaping and analysis of oral presentations; language proficiency services for non-English speakers; and regularly scheduled workshops on such topics as how to write program notes, how to start a blog, and how to structure an academic essay. The center also provides assistance with professional materials, such as job documents and grant applications.