18 Actors: Short Films


Jonathan Madrigano Entrepreneurship Grantee

Max Woertendyke, Juilliard Drama Student; Co-Founder


18 Actors: Short Films is the second phase of a three-tiered film project designed to showcase the acting talents of Juilliard’s Drama Division class of 2015 (Group 44), as well as the composing talents of members of Juilliard’s Music Division.

18 Actors Acting, the 1st phase of the project, filmed in May 2012 at Juilliard, was a video project in which all 18 members of Group 44 were individually filmed, completing one simple, silent “action.” Members of the Juilliard Jazz Division then provided original scoring for each individual vignette, ultimately creating a structuralist film showcasing the actors of Group 44 and the musical skills of our composers. 18 Actors Acting is currently in post-production with a scheduled online release date of September 10.

18 Actors: Short Films will use 18 Actors Acting directly as a jumping off point to solicit short narrative screenplays written specifically with the members of Group 44 in mind.  Of those screenplays submitted, one will be selected to be professionally filmed/produced over the course of 2013 with the goal of having a completed product (once again scored by Juilliard Music Division students) to submit to film festivals in 2014. Conceived of as an expanding commercial venture, 18 Actors: Short Films, will not only help promote the individual careers of the artists involved in its production, but will help raise capital for the 3rd phase of the over-arching project: the development of either a serial or feature length film, to be developed, filmed, and released 2014/15, thereby coinciding with Group 44’s graduation from Juilliard.