Arts in the Armed Forces


Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver, Juilliard Drama Alumni; Founders


AITAF is a 501c3 that intends to bridge the gap between the military and the performing arts communities by producing a series of free performances under the structure of monologues, scenes, staged readings and music, for a mixed military and civilian audience. The material performed is written by contemporary American playwrights and is selected with an eye to what might speak to this particular audience, without necessarily being war-themed or focused.

AITAF is committed to using writers and performers of the highest quality as well as to a low-production aesthetic, so the work is easily transportable, adaptable and efficient, as the long-term goal is to travel to military bases and theaters all over the country and eventually, the world.

AITAF hopes to spark interest in the military community to pursue the performing arts as a means of self-expression or to become patrons of the form, in order to diversify and expand theater's current audience demographic, while making it easily available to those who might otherwise not have access.

AITAF is interested in erasing the distinctions between what makes one person a soldier and another an artist by exposing two seemingly different communities to the same stories in the hopes that their individual responses will lead to inspired dialogue.