Operation Superpower


Jonathan Madrigano Entrepreneurship Grantee

Professional Mentoring

John Brancy and Tobias Greenhalgh, Juilliard Vocal Arts Students; Co-Creators

Armand Ranjbaran, Juilliard Composition Alumnus; Co-Creator

Every child has an inner gift – a superpower! Whether it's singing, sports, kindness or friendship – Operation Superpower takes children on an inspirational musical journey to help them discover their superpowers and become real-life superheroes. Juilliard graduates Armand Ranjbaran, Tobias Greenhalgh and John Brancy combine their superpowers of composing and operatic singing to create an action-packed show filled with original music and audience participation.

To date, Operation Superpower has performed their program with the Peoria Symphony and in numerous Peoria, Illinois and Long Island, New York schools. The 2012 - 2013 season will bring performances in Rochester and further performances on Long Island.