Opportunity Music Project


Jonathan Madrigano Entrepreneurship Grantee

Professional Mentoring

Jessica Garand, Juilliard Viola Alumna; Founder


Every child needs the opportunity to experience music. They also need a supportive family environment. Finally, to enter the world as outstanding citizens and leaders, they need the firsthand experience of sharing their talent to benefit society. Opportunity Music Project (O.M.P.) works towards giving our students these crucial tools. Due to difficult circumstances, countless families are unable to afford the high cost of private music lessons which are essential for any aspiring classical musician. This project locates dedicated families with children interested in music and offers them the opportunity to take private music lessons.

A pillar of the project is the element of service that students in turn provide to their community. By giving back in the form of recitals to social groups such as the elderly and homeless, students and their families become active owners of the project.

O.M.P. offers students full-tuition scholarships. High quality instruments are provided if needed.