Reed Lizard


Jonathan Madrigano Entrepreneurship Grantee

Professional Mentoring

Kristin Olson, Juilliard Oboe Alumna; Founder


Professional, Hand-Made Modern and Baroque Oboe Reeds

Kristin Olson, oboe, finally realized a goal of having her own reed-making business in 2010, when www.reedlizard.com came online. She had already been making reeds for various customers around the country, but having a Web site and paypal ordering system made her business official. The addition of Baroque oboe reeds to the website made her business particularly unique, being one of the only places in the U.S.A. which offers professional Baroque oboe reeds for sale. She currently has customers from all over the country, plus Germany and Denmark.

In addition to making and selling reeds, Kristin has often been asked to give reed-making lessons. Oboe students always benefit from more reed-making influences, but few have the opportunity of intensive reed instruction outside of their oboe lessons. The next step in expanding Reed Lizard will be to offer official reed-making classes, lessons, and seminars to students of varying levels everywhere. She has helped oboists develop their skills on modern oboe and english horn reeds many times, but her skills as a Baroque oboe reed maker put her in special demand. Aspiring Baroque oboe students will particularly benefit, as there are so few teachers in this country. Kristin hopes to help more oboists become interested in playing Baroque oboe, instead of turned away by the daunting process of learning a new kind of reed making.

Kristin graduated from Juilliard in 2012 with an M.M. in Historical Performance.