Jonathan Madrigano Entrepreneurship Grantee

ToniMarie Marchioni, Juilliard Oboe Alumna; Founder


As a student at Harvard when Facebook launched, ToniMarie Marchioni has watched from a unique perspective how social media has brought people from around the globe together regardless of their social, economic, or educational status. Since then, throughout her performance career and especially during her time as a fellow in The Academy — A Program of Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School, and the Weill Music Institute, she has seen the positive impact social media, Internet marketing, and institutional Web presence have on arts organizations’ attempts to reach those same people. Witnessing these tectonic shifts in the way people communicate and how organizations connect with them has changed ToniMarie's “world view” on the future promise of the arts as a relevant part of everyday life. 

In 2011, in addition to her performance activities, ToniMarie took on work as the social media manager for a regional orchestra in the Midwest, responsible for running their Facebook and Twitter pages and developing online brand marketing by generating original content, designing basic marketing materials, and launching and maintaining a YouTube channel with original video productions. Through this work, the orchestra now has a devoted online community coupled with increased audience engagement. Inspired by this work and her growing client base, she decided to launch ToniMarieMedia, a consulting company enabling her to share her knowledge of and passion for social media with arts organizations and performing artists, helping them integrate Web presence and social media as beneficial marketing tools. As a professional musician, ToniMarie's first-hand knowledge of both the industry and the art allows her to easily recognize what is special about a production or organization in order to seize opportunities to engage and develop audiences through social media. By establishing an affordable, flexible, and effective strategy for implementing Web and social media marketing for each client, her hope is the increased interactivity and community engagement that results from these efforts will help rejuvenate the appeal across demographic lines of excellent artistic products.