Juilliard Student Council

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The Juilliard Student Council is a diverse group of students who work with the Office of Student Affairs to maintain and improve student life at Juilliard. The Student Council represents the student body and advocates for student issues and school improvements. It meets regularly to discuss a variety of student life topics and meets with the senior administration at least once per semester.

Each fall, Council members are recruited to represent the various divisions of the school as well as varying student organizations including international, commuter, residential, undergraduate, and graduate populations. Students who have issues, concerns, or suggestions should contact a Student Council representative or email studentcouncil@juilliard.edu. Students interested in participating in Student Council should visit the Office of Student Affairs, Room 100, for application information.


Juilliard Student Council Mission Statement:

To create current and lasting change and foster a culture of acting on students’ interests, the Juilliard Student Council is the voice of the entire student body. The Juilliard Student Council advocates for students and serves as a liaison to the administration because it cares and values each individual and what they bring to the community. Student Council strives to ensure that everyone is heard and concerns are addressed.

President, Kady Evanyshyn
Vice President, Zach Green
External Communications Coordinator, Ryan Hurley
Internal Communications Coordinator, Brittany Hewitt 

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