Women in Art and Music: An Early Modern Global Conference


Women in Art and Music is a two-part conference hosted jointly by The Juilliard School and the National Gallery of Art’s Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts. The conference is organized by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer (National Gallery) and Elizabeth Weinfield (Juilliard).

Presentations and performances will think more broadly about early modern women as creators, as part of the cultural and global economy, and as experts in their chosen fields of art.

October 18, 2023 | Juilliard

Morse Hall at Juilliard, New York City

9:15–9:45am | Introductory Remarks

Jane Gottlieb, Juilliard

Jonathan Yaeger, Juilliard

Elizabeth Weinfield, Juilliard


9:45am–12pm | Session I: Women Performers, Theatricality, and Display

Julie Anne Sadie Goode, Independent Scholar, UK

“Music, Fashion, and Marie-Anne Loir (1705–1783)”


Maria Virginia Acuña, University of Victoria

“Women in Early Modern Spanish Musical Theatre: The Case of Juana de Orozco”


Michael Burden, University of Oxford

“Regina Mingotti: A Woman Singer in Dresden, Madrid, and London”


Adam Eaker, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“The Love Songs of Gesina ter Borch”


Discussion moderated by Elizabeth Weinfield


1:30–3pm | Session II: Recording and Editing Women Composers (Performance Lectures)

Shelby Yamin, New York, NY (MM ’20, historical performance)

“The Life and Works of Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen Represented through Performance”


Rebecca Cypess, Rutgers University

“Marieta Morosina Priuli and the Problems of Biography”


Discussion moderated by Robert Mealy, Juilliard


3:20–5:30pm | Session III: Patronage, Power, and Performativity

Introduction by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer, National Gallery of Art


Marylin Winkle, University of California, Los Angeles

“The Sound of Struggle: Francesca Caccini’s La liberazione di Ruggiero and the Gendered Politics of Power”


Barbara Hanning, City University of New York (emerita)

“Arcangela Paladini: Artist, Singer, and Medici Protegé”


Sarah Lawrence and Denise Allen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Silent Music: Gian Marco Cavalli’s Roundel of Mars, Venus and Cupid with Vulcan at his Forge for Isabella d’Este”


Discussion moderated by Greta Berman, Juilliard


8–9:30pm | Performance by Sonnambula joined by Juilliard students from the music and drama divisions.

Paul Hall, Juilliard