The Meredith Willson
Residence Hall

Students enter the residence floors through a securely guarded entry leading to a private bank of elevators used exclusively for the residence hall. The lobby floor of the residence hall contains a lounge area (with a large-screen television and game tables), a community kitchen, vending machines, and a laundry room. Health & Counseling Services and a well-equipped fitness center are located on the 22nd floor, and a computer/study lounge is located on the 19th floor. Each of the 11 residence floors has four residential suites and two soundproof practice rooms, most of which contain Steinway grand pianos. The 17th floor does not have practice rooms.

Video tour of Meredith Willson Residence Hall at Juilliard

Inside the Meredith Willson Residence Hall

Find out what it's like to live, eat, relax, and hang out in Juilliard's on-campus housing.

Angela Falk (BFA '17, dance) in her room in the residence hall


Each suite has five bedrooms (three doubles and two singles), two and a half bathrooms, and a common living room with a panoramic view of Lincoln Center and Manhattan to the east or the Hudson River and the horizon to the west. The double rooms are equipped with two bunk beds, two desks with drawers, two chests of drawers, and a small closet for each resident. The single room is equipped with the same type of furniture. A cable TV outlet and campus phone are provided in each suite and internet service is provided in each student room (two internet ports in double rooms), all included in the cost of housing. The residence hall also offers several specified living communities: all women, all men, substance-free, and quiet floors.


    students enjoy brunch in common room

    Specific Living Communities

    Specific living communities have been identified within the Residence Hall that help facilitate connections with peers, mentors, and campus resources. These specific living communities allow residential students to explore and experience the School with other students who share common interests. If you are interested in living in one of the specific communities, you should speak to the Office of Residence Life prior to submitting your housing application and participating in the lottery process (for returning students).

    • 17th Floor: Quiet Floor: This floor has a 24 hours courtesy/quiet policy. There are no practice rooms on this floor and students may not practice in their rooms/suites.
    • 19th Floor: Mixed-Gender Floor: This floor is for people who are interested in living with others of all/any gender.
    • 21st Floor: Wellness Floor: The R.A. on this floor is specifically selected to foster an environment of health and wellness through programming and day-to-day initiatives (floor decorations, bulletin boards).
    • 23rd Floor: Women’s Floor: This floor is solely occupied by people who identify as women.
    • 25th Floor: Substance-Free Floor: This floor is for people who choose to live a substance free lifestyle or college experience. Alcohol/drugs are not allowed on this floor and alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs may not be possessed, used, or consumed on this floor regardless of age. 
    • 26th Floor: Men’s Floor: This floor is solely occupied by people who identify as men.
    • 28th Floor: 21+ Floor: All students on this floor are 21 and older.

    Meal Plan

    A meal plan is required for all students who live in the residence hall. Resident students may choose one of two meal plan options. A detailed brochure describing the meal plan is available on the right sidebar of this page. Students have the opportunity to select the 170-Block option during the first week of school. All students, resident or non-resident, have access to the Juilliard/SAB Cafe, which is conveniently located on the plaza level of the Rose Building.

    Moving In