Leaders and Administration

Board of Trustees


Vincent A. Mai, Chair
Julie Anne Choi, Vice Chair
Laura Linney, Vice Chair

  • Joshua Black
  • Rondi Charleston
  • Barbara G. Fleischman
  • Tricia Glynn
  • Joan W. Harris
  • Edward E. Johnson Jr.
  • Philippe Khuong-Huu
  • J. Christopher Kojima
  • Teresa E. Lindsay
  • Ellen Marcus
  • Stephanie Palmer McClelland
    Christina McInerney
  • Lester S. Morse Jr.
  • Rebecca Morse
  • Susan W. Rose
  • Jeffrey Seller
  • Deborah Simon
  • Sarah Billinghurst Solomon
  • William E. “Wes” Stricker, MD
  • Yael Taqqu
  • Laurie M. Tisch
  • Reginald Van Lee
  • Damian Woetzel
  • Camille Zamora

Trustees Emeriti

  • Bruce Kovner, Chair Emeritus
  • June Noble Larkin, Chair Emerita*
  • Mary Ellin Barrett*
  • Kenneth S. Davidson
  • Keith R. Gollust
  • Sidney R. Knafel*
  • Nancy A. Marks
  • Elizabeth McCormack*
  • Katheryn C. Patterson

*In memoriam

Joseph W. Polisi, President Emeritus

Executive Officers and Senior Administration

Damian Woetzel, President

Office of the President

Jazmín Morales, Chief of Staff
Kathryn Kozlark, Artistic Producer and Director for Creative Enterprise
Ria DasGupta, Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Ara Guzelimian, Special Advisor

Office of the Provost

Adam Meyer, Provost
Kirstin Ek, Associate Provost
José García-León, Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment
Amy Evans, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
John-Morgan Bush, Director of Lifelong Learning

Dance Division

Alicia Graf Mack, Dean and Director of the Dance Division
Katie Friis, Administrative Director
Mario Alberto Zambrano, Associate Director

Drama Division

Evan Yionoulis, Richard Rodgers Dean and Director of the Drama Division
Derrick Sanders, Associate Director 
Katherine Hood, Managing Director

Music Division

David Serkin Ludwig, Dean and Director of the Music Division
A. Joseph Soucy, Associate Dean of Orchestral Studies
Bärli Nugent, Assistant Dean and Director of Chamber Music
Fadwa Hayes, Assistant Dean
Joanna Trebelhorn, Senior Director of Performance Operations and External Venue Relations
Annabelle Avenier, Associate Director of Artistic Programs
Eric Oatts, Administrative Director
Mario Igrec, Chief Piano Technician

Historical Performance

Robert Mealy, Director of Historical Performance
Karin Brookes, Administrative Director


Wynton Marsalis, Director of Juilliard Jazz
Aaron Flagg, Chair and Associate Director

Ellen and James S. Marcus Institute for Vocal Arts

Brian Zeger, Artistic Director of the Ellen and James S. Marcus Institute for Vocal Arts
Adam Nielson, Associate Artistic Director, Master of Music and Graduate Diploma Program
Justina Lee, Associate Artistic Director, Undergraduate Program
Andrew Gaines, Administrative Director

Lila Acheson Wallace Library

Jane Gottlieb, Vice President for Library and Information Resources; Director of the C.V. Starr Doctoral Fellows Program
Jeni Dahmus Farah, Director, Archives  
Alan Klein, Director of Library Technical Services

Preparatory Division

Weston Sprott, Dean and Director of the Preparatory Division
Anthony McGill, Artistic Director, Music Advancement Program
Rebecca Reuter, Administrative Director, Music Advancement Program
Ekaterina Lawson, Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs, Pre-College
Anna Royzman, Director of Performance Activities, Pre-College

Enrollment Management and Student Development

Joan D. Warren, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Development
Barrett Hipes, Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Development
Sabrina Tanbara, Associate Dean, Student Development
Kathleen Tesar, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management
Alice Jones, Assistant Dean of Community Engagement and Career Services
Vanessa Valenzuela, Assistant Dean, International Advisement and Student Diversity Initiatives
Rodney Pepe-Souvenir, Senior Director of Bias Response and Title IX Coordinator
William Buse, Director of Counseling Services
Milo Campanella, Director, Residence Life
Katherine Gertson, Registrar
Tina Gonzalez, Director of Financial Aid
Howard Rosenberg MD, Medical Director
Dan Stokes, Director of Academic Support and Disability Services
Beth Techow, Administrative Director of Health and Counseling Services
Reisha Williams, Director of Bias Response and Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator


Alexandra Wheeler, Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer
Katie Murtha, Director of Major Gifts
Lori Padua, Director of Planned Giving
Rebecca Vaccarelli, Director of Alumni Relations
Kim Furano, Director of Institutional Relations
Robyn Calmann, Director of Special Events
Toniya Katsarov, Director of Development Operations

Public Affairs

Rosalie Contreras, Vice President of Public Affairs
Susan Jackson, Editorial Director
Jose Lechuga, Web Director
Anna Sayer, Design Director
Tamara Vallejos, Director of Marketing
Mara Vlatkovic, Director of Marketing, Community Relations

Office of the Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary

Lesley Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary
Jane M. Sovern, Interim Legal Counsel

Mark Shelton, Chief of Public Safety
Adam Gagan, Director of Security
Cameron Christensen, Associate Vice President, Facilities
Richard Mannoia, Senior Director of Education and Strategy, K-12 Programs and Initiatives
Thom Widmann, Senior Director of Production
Kevin Boutote, Director of Recording and Classroom Technology
Elizabeth Svokos, Supervising Producer and Video Director

Carl Young, Chief Information Officer
Dmitriy Aminov, Director of IT Engineering
Clara Perdiz, Director of Client Services, IT
Jeremy Pinquist, Director of Enterprise Applications
Jennifer Wilcox, Director of Apprentice Program


Cathy Nadeau, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Michael Kerstan, Controller
Irina Shteyn, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
Nicholas Mazzurco, Director of Student Accounts/Bursar