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The Cafe


New and improved as of Fall 2016, The Juilliard School invites you to "taste the difference" with crisp, locally-sourced vegetables, house-made selections and freshly-prepared featured items in the on-campus dining venue...The Café! Promising to bring an enhanced sense of freshness, vitality and creativity to your on-campus dining experience, The Café takes you on a culinary tour of the world, exposing palates to unique global cuisine.

Look for new dining programs and options like...

The Hearth venue captures the true essence of city dining by offering authentic meal selections from around the world.Sprout is a gourmet salad concept featuring composed and grain-based salads as well as unique raw food offerings.Umami delivers innovative Pan-Asian cuisine, while NY Deli is an authentic city deli, offering sumptuous sandwiches and the distinctive offerings of Hale and Hearty Soups. Met Grill offers a distinctive menu of premium sliders such as Garlic Herb Salmon Sliders, Caribbean Chipotle Pork Sliders and Curried Bulgur Sliders. Piazza provides creative flatbread offerings with a focus on wellness, featuring whole grain, sprouted grains and naan.Sucré is a true sweet spot with gourmet dessert treats prepared by the finest local bakers. Fresh to go! offers portable meal selections and snacks with a focus on kosher, gluten sensitive and creative vegan specialties.

A healthy lifestyle is made easier with...
Choose from tantalizing healthful selections throughout the day. Calorie counts will be prominently displayed and lighter fare, dressings and options will be easy to find. Look for health tips and wellness information at AVI’s wellness center in The Juilliard and SAB Café and visit for nutritional education, daily tips and to connect with AVI dietitians.

Catered events creating an experience...
When it comes to a perfectly planned and executed catered event, no one comes close to AVI Fresh! The Juilliard School and The School of American Ballet's The Art of Catering menu will provide you an idea of what AVI's experienced, highly trained, innovative food service specialists are able to create!

Convienence is key...
Juilliard residential students living in the Meredith Willson Residence Hall are required to be on a meal plan, included in room and board fees. Residencial students are initially placed on the 19 meals per week plan but have the option to switch, if desired, to the 170 block plan after arriving to campus. For more information about Meal Plans for residential students, please visit:

Commuter students, faculty, and staff can choose between a 15 meal per semester plan with declining balance or declining balance only plans that allow for flexible eating on-the-go. For both plans, addition money can be added at any time throughout the semester and for any amount over $100, you will receive 10% bonus points. For more information about Meal Plans for commuters, faculty, and staff, please visit:

Juilliard Preparatory Program (Pre-College and MAP) students can choose between 30-, 20-, or 15-meal per semester plans with declining balance or declining balance only plans that accomodate even the busiest Saturday student. For more information about Preparatory Program Meal Plans, please review the Preparatory Program Meal Plans brochure

The Juilliard School and The School of American Ballet's Food Service provider is AVI Fresh. AVI Fresh manages all on-campus dining, meal plans, vending, and catering for students, faculty, and staff. To learn more about all the on-campus dining services and more, please visit:

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