Student Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs!

The Office of Student Affairs offers comprehensive, student-centered programming, innovative social activities, and leadership opportunities that foster personal growth, embrace the importance of inclusion, celebrate diversity, and cultivate arts advocacy. Current students should visit the Student Affairs space on MyJuilliard to view the Student Events Calendar.


Sabrina Tanbara, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Gianna Pannullo, Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Lindsey Silvera, Coordinator of Student Affairs
Rachel Choset, Student Engagement Assistant


Office of Student Affairs
The Juilliard School
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, Room 100
(212) 799-5000 extension 200
[email protected]

Foundations Program Series

Foundations programs give Juilliard students learning experiences that complement their academic curriculum and professional experiences. By engaging students in educational conversations, activities, and workshops, students are able to expand their mind and knowledge base as well as develop important skills that they can use throughout their careers and personal lives. Foundations programs cover a wide variety of topics within the following four domains:

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (blue) programs will encompass elements of social justice, current events, and global citizenship to create a sense of support and belonging in our community.
  • Life Essentials (pink) programs will prepare students for the "real world" with programs ranging from professional development to personal safety.
  • Community Standards and Civic Engagement (yellow) programs will focus on fostering a safe, aware, and engaged Juilliard community.
  • Health and Wellness (green) programs will help students develop healthy habits, both physically and emotionally.

Students can look for these icons and colors next to events in our biweekly E-Blasts and on other marketing materials around campus.

What are the benefits of attending Foundations programs?

  • Learn About New Topics: Foundations programs are hosted by a variety of different students, staff, and faculty on campus, and cover a host of different topics. Ranging from Krav Maga techniques to networking tips, you'll always be able to find a Foundations event that will teach you something you're interested in.
  • Prize Drawings: All students, regardless if they plan to live on-campus the following year, will be entered into a monthly drawing. Students will be selected at random to win various prizes. Possible prizes include gift cards to the dining hall, MetroCards, and Juilliard swag! Students who do not win a prize will be added to the next month’s drawing. The more events you attend, the better your chances are at winning a prize the next month!

Leadership Opportunities

About Student Leaders

Juilliard’s leadership positions provide students with a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, foster confidence, help others, build community, and form relationships with peers across Juilliard’s three divisions. These important leadership positions complement our students' artistic and academic pursuits while providing financial assistance. Student leadership positions include the following:

  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) 
  • Diversity Advocate (DA)
  • First-Year Experience Coach (FYE-Coach)
  • Orientation Leader (OL)
  • Resident Assistant (RA)

For full job descriptions, details on how to apply, and additional information, please visit the Apply to Be a Student Leader page.

Developing and Empowering Leaders in the Arts (DELTA)

The Developing and Empowering Leaders in the Arts (DELTA) certificate program is a leadership initiative that will support holistic personal growth, provide you exclusive access to sessions by The Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services and Entrepreneurship, build community through all divisions, and prepare you for leadership inside and outside of the classroom!

DELTA is comprised of a series of workshops throughout the academic year centering around: Clifton Strengths, time management, communication skills, team building, and resume building and interview skills. After completing a personal assessment, participants will receive their Clifton Strengths (Links to an external site.) which will inform their progress through DELTA. 

Juilliard Student Congress

The Juilliard Student Congress is an elected body of students representatives who work with administration to maintain and improve student life at Juilliard. The Juilliard Student Congress (JSC) represents the student body and advocates for student issues and school improvements. It meets on a monthly basis to discuss a variety of student life topics and meets with the senior administration numerous times per semester. Members are elected every year to represent each division and various constituency groups (international, commuter, residential, undergraduate, graduate). Students interested in joining the JSC or have concerns or issues to discuss should contact Cory Owen, Associate Dean of Student Development.  

The current members of the JSC for the 2019-2020 academic year are:


  • Noah Wang (BFA '20, Dance)
  • Treyden Chiaravalloti (BFA '20, Dance)


  • Gaby Saker (MFA '22, Drama)
  • Blake Russell (BFA '22, Drama)


  • Jacob Melsha (BM '21, Jazz)

Historical Performance

  • Catalina Guevara Klein (GD '21, Historical Performance)

Vocal Arts

  • Santiago Pizarro (MM '20, Vocal Arts)

Undergrad Music

  • Ben Keating (BM '21, Trumpet)
  • Derek Louie (BM '21, Cello)
  • Devin Moore (BM '21, Viola)
  • Sanae Kodaira (BM '20, Cello)
  • Tomsen Su (BM '20, Cello)

Grad Music

  • Bronwyn Schuman (MM '20, Collaborative Piano)
  • Jessica Elder (MM '20, Horn)
  • Matt Liu (MM '20, Composition)
  • Alberta Khoury (DMA '24, Guitar)


  • Andrew Koonce (BM '20, Violin)
  • Gracie Francis (MM '21, Collaborative Piano)


  • Jade Diouf (BFA '23, Dance)
  • Sydney Dardis (BM '21, Vocal Arts)


  • Evan Atwell Harris (AD '24, Jazz)

Student Organizations

The Office of Student Affairs oversees and supports all registered student organizations and clubs. Registered organizations receive assistance and advisement from the OSA and benefit from limited funding. Students have the opportunity to form new organizations anytime throughout the academic year. To learn how to start your own club, please view the forms below.

Registered Student Organizations for 2020-2021

Alliance for Latin American & Spanish Students (ALAS)

Our mission is to celebrate and share the wide variety of Hispanic and Latin American heritage, cultures, histories and traditions present at the Juilliard Community. We also advocate and address the needs of the Hispanic and Latin American students at Juilliard.

Ars Modi

The purpose of Ars modi is to collaboratively learn through study and performance of repertory the Western system of musical notation that developed from approximately 1300 to 1500 AD.

Juilliard Chinese Student & Scholars Association (J-CSSA)

Our mission is to set up a platform for communicating between Chinese students and alumni in the Juilliard School; as well as culture exchange between all Juilliard students who are interested in Chinese tradition and culture, and addressing the needs and concerns of all Chinese students in the Juilliard School. In addition, J-CSSA will also contribute in communicating with CSSAs from other universities and colleges.

Juilliard Black Student Union (JBSU)

The purpose of the Juilliard Black Student Union serves not to create division amongst the Juilliard community, but rather to acknowledge and address the needs and concerns of black Juilliard students, as well as other students of color. The JBSU also seeks to encourage dialogue in the Juilliard community regarding social, political, and world issues, as well as to empower the community to take action and utilize its diversity of talent and creativity to make impactful statements on society and the world at large.

Juilliard Christian Fellowship (JCF)

Juilliard Christian Fellowship exists to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed by creating a safe space to experience and know Jesus Christ personally.

Juilliard Green Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote sustainability and environmental awareness within the Juilliard community, and to encourage and facilitate action against the climate crisis, as artists and residents of NYC.

The Juilliard Knights

The Juilliard Knights aims to create a casual and fun environment for members of the Juilliard community to play chess and learn more about the game. 

Juilliard Sings

The purpose of the choral group is to give students an opportunity to make music with friends that is outside their instrument. We really think students should sing for a number of reasons: singing with others is proven to boost morale and well-being, since there is a real sense of community. We want to achieve a family feel, where friends come together to make music. In addition, being part of a choir will enhance your sight-reading ability, your ear for music and sense of ensemble. Our choir will give students a chance to sing in different languages.

Korean Christian Association

The Korean Christian Association serves to help Christians grow toward maturity as Disciples of Christ, by study of the Bible, by prayer, and by Christian fellowship. The group exists to help develop healthy human relationships via Bible study.

Womxn's Empowerment Club (WEC)

The Womxn's Empowerment Club wishes to start a conversation between the students at Juilliard about the oppression and treatment of women happening in this day and age. In addition, they hope to offer a safe place that women feel they can come to talk about these issues.